random acts of kindness

Random Acts of Kindness Day is here! Whose life can you uplift today?

Photo above by Ditto Bowo used by permission via Unsplash.

Hey Kidsburgh readers: We’re glad to tell you that today, Feb. 17, is Random Acts of Kindness Day in the U.S.

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation (RAK) was founded in 1995, and the first Random Acts of Kindness Day was celebrated in New Zealand in 2004. The idea behind it is simple but powerful, and so are the ways you can make someone’s day better: Just being kind to a server at a restaurant or an employee in a store is a random act of kindness. Offering to run errands for a neighbor or picking up some donuts for your office-mates while your out at lunch totally qualifies, too.

What might you do today?

RAK has lots of ideas and a whole curriculum available for teachers and other caregivers. They also offer printable coloring pages and posters to share kindness with your kids. And we can all find a ton of inspiration from the many Kidsburgh Kind Kids that you’ve all let us know about.

Meet Ariel Heywood, who made sure a new classmate at preschool didn’t sit alone at lunch:

Photo courtesy of Tiffanee Heywood.

Meet Aaban Mahmood, who used his quarters to help others at the grocery store (and stay tuned for more news about Aaban, who recently found more ways to help his community!)

Kidsburgh Kind Kid Aaban Mahmood_photo courtesy of Hera Ahmad
Photo courtesy of Hera Ahmad.

Meet Laurel Liprando, who helped another child feel comfortable at the local park.

Photo of Kidsburgh Kind Kid Laurel Liprando courtesy of Ashley Liprando
Photo courtesy of Ashley Liprando.

Meet Daisy Girl Scout Troup 28016, who got together to help rescue food and  Jeona Parson, who shared some of her own groceries to make sure others wouldn’t go hungry.

Kidsburgh Kind Kid
Photo used by permission via 412 Food Rescue.

Meet Aaron Fisher and Ella Boyers, who both pick up trash to help make the Pittsburgh region a more beautiful place.

Photo of Kidsburgh Kind Kid Aaron Fisher courtesy of his mom, Cyndi Fisher.
Photo courtesy of Cyndi Fisher.
Photo courtesy of Destiny Johnson.











Meet Ellwood Paracat, who helped a younger boy at the bike park feel more confident riding.

Kidsburgh Kind Kid
Elwood Paracat with his younger friend Nate. Photo courtesy of Andy Kubis.

We’ll be writing about more Kidsburgh Kind Kids in the months to come, and we encourage you to tell us about a child you know who has done a random act of kindness. We’d love to celebrate their effort and share it with the community.

And check out this month’s guest editor essay, co-written by a mother and daughter, about spreading kindness throughout the community.