$4.4 million from Heinz Endowments to support child care programs, from prenatal to age 3

“The pandemic ripped open the curtain on the precarious state of our nation’s early childhood care and education system.”

Sponsored Content New dad? You’ve got this. Follow these 5 tips for fatherhood fun

You have everything you need to help your new baby get off to a good start in life.

New Allegheny County Department of Children Initiatives to direct funding to preschool and afterschool programs

“All of Allegheny County’s children and families deserve comprehensive, equitable and high-quality early learning and out-of-school-time services if we are to continue to build our county’s reputation.”

You are your child’s first teacher. A new video series from Trying Together supports your efforts

Moms and dads start the educational process long before teachers and schools become involved.

The Children’s Home Pediatric Specialty Hospital wins national award for its Ready. Set. Home! initiative

Families will learn troubleshooting techniques that may reduce emergency visits to the hospital.

Must read for parents: Mister Rogers’ lessons for raising ‘curious, creative, caring kids’

“Fred Rogers was a learning scientist of his day.”

5 tips for picking your preschooler’s first TV shows

When you’re 2 or 3, every show is a new show. Read these tips for choosing titles you and your kids will love.

10 storybooks to ease first-day jitters for kids heading to preschool

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2019 Best Books for Babies deliver brain development (and quality snuggle time)

These top books promote linguistic, cognitive and visual development in babies from birth to 18 months.

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Learning new words can be a part of playing. We’ll show you how.

9 storybooks for little ones who love their binkies and blankies

Giving up pacifiers and security blankets can be an emotional adjustment, but reading stories about others facing the same struggle can help.

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Kidcast and Dr. G offer advice on discussing tragedy with kids

At what age should parents discuss any emotionally difficult subject?


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