Sponsored Content Is My Child Ready for Kindergarten? 5 Signs Parents Can Look For

Here is how you can get your child ready for kindergarten.

Remake Learning Days

How do you get students excited about learning? Remake Learning Days’ youth ambassadors share their insight

This year’s Remake Learning Days youth ambassadors produced dozens of video and audio reports.

With $15,000 grant, WQED Steeltown Film Academy develops content for kids, created by kids

Each grant recipient is tasked to collaborate with kids to create public media content for tweens and teens.

Book-loving kids, from tots to teens, will find their bliss at the free Pittsburgh Festival of Books

“Reading is an escape for kids. It can take them on an adventure.”

remake learning days

Remake Learning Days invites Youth Ambassadors to tell the story of the festival

16 local high schoolers will chronicle the Remake Learning Days festival in the Pittsburgh region this year.

pandemic learning gap

Student-teachers and K-12 students help each other close pandemic learning gaps

This program provides “high-dosage” tutoring to K-12 students in under-resourced neighborhoods, while giving student-teachers hours of hands-on tutoring experience.

Allegheny County school districts are using $420 million in federal COVID relief to try to get back to normal

Check out this detailed investigation into the COVID relief funds local schools received and how they’ve used that money.

Pittsburgh Public School

PINJ: First pandemic state test results paint a somber picture for Pittsburgh Public Schools

What does new data show about proficiency in English, science and math throughout Pittsburgh Public Schools? Details here.

Pennsylvania Education Innovation Awards

All three 2021 Pennsylvania Education Innovation Awards go to our regional schools

Each year, PSBA recognizes pioneering leadership in public schools. This year, the statewide awards all went to schools in our region!


A mentoring program designed to uplift HBCUs flourishes in Pittsburgh

HBCUs are a great option for many students. This program helps them discover this historic resource.

Café Momentum’s restaurant and culinary training center for youth opening Downtown

In the coming months, Café Momentum will hold an orientation session for the first group of 150 youth. Details here.

9 immersive career programs in Pittsburgh where kids can experience jobs firsthand

These programs connect kids to professions from engineering and veterinary medicine to scientific research and teaching.

Pittsburgh Public Schools’ “Fresh Start” for the school year hopes to elevate teaching and learning

What is PPS’ Fresh Start for the Head and Heart all about? Details here.

Parents as Allies

Free webinars for parents and teachers on making the most of family-school collaboration

Join the Parents as Allies team to hear about the latest research on ways that parents/school collaboration helps kids.

An increasing number of communities around the world are exploring the creation of their own learning ecosystems. Photo courtesy of Remake Learning.

Around the world, learning ecosystems are changing lives — especially in Pittsburgh

From Pittsburgh to Doncaster, learning ecosystems are building relationships, changing lives and reshaping the future of education.

Sponsored Content Passion Projects ignite kids’ curiosity at Shady Side Academy

Students are learning and inspired through Passion Projects.

Photo courtesy of Remake Learning.

Personalized learning looks different in every district - -  just like the students it supports

How working groups, Moonshot Grants and dedicated educators are changing the face of personalized learning.

New Brookings research explores the realities — and encouraging possibilities — of family-school engagement 

“It’s a real moment to transform how we do family/school engagement,” says CUE’s director. Parents “are really expecting to be more deeply engaged in their kids’ education.”

Kidsburgh Learning Guide: Helping young people use their voices

Is your child is passionate about social issues or looking to have a voice in their community? There are many ways to support that goal right here in Pittsburgh. 

Wondering What’s Next: At the start of another school year, what might tomorrow look like?

Amid so much division and deep, Delta-fueled anxiety, how might parents, neighbors, and communities act as allies in children’s learning?

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