Family-friendly events this weekend

7 family-friendly events in Pittsburgh this weekend, including free concerts and festivals

Details here on ChalkFest, Amazing Machines and much more!

Startable empowers entrepreneurial kids to turn ideas into businesses

“We want them constantly looking at different things and thinking, ‘What can I make out of that?’ Or, ‘Here’s a problem; how do I fix that?’”

Maker Monday

Maker Monday: How to make your own knitting loom and start knitting

Any day is a fun time for a Maker Monday activity.

Mothers and mental health

Mothers and mental health: “As a mom, I can sometimes feel like a shadow of myself”

We don’t hear enough about mothers and mental health. This essay offers

Cam Heyward

Suiting up for success: Steelers star Cam Heyward gives suits to dozens of high school seniors

Along with new clothese, Cam Heyward gave these students encouragement.

AHN Pediatrics

Sponsored Content If you’re stressed out, your kids might be too. AHN Pediatrics discusses dealing with emotions.

Take a deep breath and learn how to help children cope with their feelings with this advice on mental health from AHN Pediatrics.

baby formula shortage

9 tips for navigating the baby formula shortage

For help with the baby formula shortage, see this advice from AHN.

Meet Zuri, the debut baby from Kool Image Dolls, a Pittsburgh-based, woman-owned company

“I never wanted to have a doll that is just a browner-colored replica of a Caucasian doll in the features.”

8 great things to do with kids in Pittsburgh this weekend, many of them free

Don’t miss all the free fun happening in Pittsburgh this weekend.

7 questions to ask before sending your kids to summer camp in Pittsburgh

From pickup times to allergy issues, here are all the questions to ask about summer camp in Pittsburgh.

best bakeries in Pittsburgh

Treats for the whole family: Check out the 22 best bakeries in Pittsburgh

Who made the list? Check out nearly two dozen of the best bakeries in Pittsburgh.

Maker Monday

Maker Monday: Let’s make “t-shirt yarn”

Maker Monday is back with another great project. Details here.

Future Ready Career Centers

Future Ready Career Centers are on display this week across Pennsylvania

Four Future Ready Centers will be host showcase events this week during Remake Learning Days. Details here.

Remake Learning Days

10,000 kids learn in simultaneous STEM challenge during Remake Learning Days

Learning adventures are happening all over PA during Remake Learning Days. Details here.

remaking tomorrow

With help from KnowledgeWorks and SLB Radio, local teens take over the Remaking Tomorrow podcast

“From a young person’s perspective, how do they think about equity?” Find out on Remaking Tomorrow.

duolingo's taco shop

At Duolingo’s taco shop in East Liberty, you can eat and learn by practicing your Spanish

At Duolingo’s taco shop, you can eat and learn! Check out what’s ahead for East Liberty.

Career Expo at Ross Park Mall

Career expo at Ross Park Mall this weekend promises interactive exhibits for kids interested in STEM fields

Interactive presentations will expose attendees to local job opportunities in the STEM fields. Parents and kids are welcome!

remake learning days

It’s festival weekend! Details here on Remake Learning Days, the Festival of Books, Children’s Theater fest and more

It’s a wild and wonderful weekend for Pittsburgh-region families!

Maker Monday: Let’s try making our own watercolor paints from old markers

Maker Monday fun: Did you know you could create new colors of paint from dried up markers? Here’s how.

With $15,000 grant, WQED Steeltown Film Academy develops content for kids, created by kids

Each grant recipient is tasked to collaborate with kids to create public media content for tweens and teens.

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