Educators gathered in Finland to explore the growing global focus on trust and relationships. Pittsburgh’s voice was there.

The Parents as Allies team brought Pittsburgh-born ideas to this global education innovation conference.

parents as allies

5 Pittsburgh school districts will share their Parents as Allies innovations with the world at the HundrED Summit

The Parents as Allies team will share local innovations on a global stage. Details here.

Local communities planned for a brighter future at the Parents as Allies Sustainability Workshop

At the Parents as Allies Sustainability Workshop, local parents and educators built sustainability plans based on learnings from the past two years.

Parents as Allies

You can help bring Pittsburgh innovation to the world at the next SXSW EDU: Here’s how.

You can send Parents as Allies to next spring’s biggest education conference. Here’s how.

Human connection and deep listening: Parents as Allies teams are reimagining family-school engagement

Parents as Allies team members called each other from the bleachers of spring baseball games and had conversations “deep into the night” to build new connections.

Deeper connections: Brookings brings data (and encouragement) to Pittsburgh families and schools

This Parents as Allies event showcased valuable research and the latest hacks.

parents as allies

Pittsburgh-region superintendents get an up-close look at creative hacks from Parents as Allies

Four creative Parents as Allies hacks opened up a world of possibilities for members of Pittsburgh’s Superintendents’ Forum.

parents as allies

Join Parents as Allies for a free workshop that can help families and schools build true engagement

Join Parents as Allies for this free workshop and lunch.

Relational trust: Could this be the answer to helping kids really learn at school?

Projects like Parents as Allies seek to build connection and trust between families and schools, so both groups can help kids together.

parents as allies

Inventive hacks with a big helping of empathy: How Parents as Allies 2.0 is sparking change throughout SWPA

Dozens of innovative ideas have emerged from the recent Parents as Allies 2.0 design sprint, which brought together teams of educators and parents from 23 local school districts.

Parents as Allies webinar

Parents as Allies webinar (available on YouTube) shares data that can change how you interact with your child’s school

Missed the recent Parents as Allies webinar? Catch the video right here.

Parents as Allies

Parents as Allies: Designing for family engagement, globally and locally

“Without the parents on this team, we wouldn’t be able to truly make a difference in what parent engagement will look like.”

KDKA: Parents as Allies continues building empathy and connection in local communities

The Parents as Allies research project is encouraging and funding new ideas for real engagement between parents and schools.

Hi Neighbor

How the “Hi Neighbor!” event brought one community together — and could change lives elsewhere, too.

This Parents as Allies project brought teachers, parents and kids together.

Parents as Allies

Free webinars for parents and teachers on making the most of family-school collaboration

Join the Parents as Allies team to hear about the latest research on ways that parents/school collaboration helps kids.

New Brookings research explores the realities — and encouraging possibilities — of family-school engagement 

“It’s a real moment to transform how we do family/school engagement,” says CUE’s director. Parents “are really expecting to be more deeply engaged in their kids’ education.”

The Parental Engagement Spotlight Report brings inspiring news of the growing bond between schools and families worldwide 

HundrED offers 12 great ideas from around the world to help schools and parents communicate and collaborate.

Two months, 200 new ideas and a chance to revolutionize parent engagement in education 

Here’s how the global Family Engagement Design Sprint is building on pandemic-fueled progress.

Introducing new parenting initiatives and resources from Kidsburgh

Kidsburgh joins Pittsburgh Today Live and looks ahead to new initiatives to help support parents.

You’re invited: Join us for the Great Learning Conversations!

We want to hear from parents and caregivers on what they feel is the purpose of a child’s K-12 journey. How can schools partner with families to make it the best it can be?

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