Learning 2025: This local alliance brings families, community orgs and innovative school districts together

These Learning 2025 Alliance members are “working to explore new, life-changing learning experiences for children.”

Personalized learning and personal connections are thriving at Elizabeth Forward 

The district’s focus on staff training was one key to online learning success.

learning 2025

The Western PA Learning 2025 Alliance wraps up two years of innovation — and looks to the future

The Learning 2025 Alliance aims to holistically redesign public school in the next two years. Check out their progress.

‘We’re making some magic here’: How the South Allegheny School District took flight

Impressive as it is, South Allegheny’s pride extends far beyond the district’s aviation course.

cornell school district

`See what you can do’: At Cornell School District, carving all possible pathways to college 

Cornell School District’s College and Career Pathways program helps students begin college with clarified goals.

‘Love them first and then they’ll learn’: Increasingly diverse Chartiers Valley embraces newcomers from all corners

To meet the needs of its growing community, Chartiers Valley has evolved in meaningful ways. 

‘Striving for excellence in all we do:’ How the Franklin Regional School District equips learners to excel in the real world

At Franklin Regional, “when we say excellence, we mean academically, socially, behaviorally, emotionally, and physically.”

photo courtesy of west allegheny school district

How the West Allegheny School District is lighting the way toward tomorrow

At West Allegheny, building national connections and giving every student powerful learning opportunities.

As the world changes, the Hollidaysburg Area School District changes with it 

Whether Hollidaysburg s redesigning its libraries as high-tech makerspaces or using the community as its classroom, the goal is to equip every learner to thrive.

Voices bubbling up: From farmland to city streets, Butler Area works to hear from everyone

At Butler Area, school leaders are welcoming all voices.

Come see what we’re doing: New Castle Area School District sparks joyful learning for students and teachers alike

At New Castle Area, you’ll find highly engaged kids learning not only science and math, but also the life skills that tomorrow’s careers demand.

Making art while building community at Shaler Area School District

Shaler Area emerged from the pandemic with social-emotional and academic learning as equal priorities.

Greater Latrobe

Failure isn’t final: How the Greater Latrobe School District keeps the learning going

At Greater Latrobe, target-based learning adds more rigor to the classroom.


Reading and relating: Northgate educates by focusing on teaching — and supporting — the entire child

Northgate’s MTSS early-warning system is designed to catch roadblocks early.

Creature comforts: With help from animals, students’ skills grow at California Area — and confidence does, too

At California Area, students of all ages are learning math, science and reading while connecting to animals, teachers and one another.

‘We are the common ground’: How New Brighton School District serves as a powerful community connector

New Brighton’s event was more than a magical night. It was a foundation for an entire philosophy of engagement. 


In excavating their community’s past, Brownsville Area high school students find their futures

Brownsville Area found a way to build a unique link to its past while teaching in the present.


From tough situations, finding grace – and paths forward — at Carlynton

Good things are happening at Carlynton, with progress rooted in solid training and support for true mental wellbeing.

Lighting the way: How the Fox Chapel Area School District prepares tomorrow’s early learners

Fox Chapel Area is doing for its learners what Fred Rogers did for viewers: helping them feel comfortable and build relationships.

What else can learners do? Pushing boundaries and building trust in the Beaver Area School District

Beaver Area’s STAP program may be a first among American school districts.

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