Hey Mom: I see you there. And I know it isn’t always easy.

Raising young kids? This essay from the Thinking Branch’s Brea Schmidt may help you feel seen.

postpartum support in Pittsburgh

This free Pittsburgh-area postpartum support group is here for you — and has been for decades

Looking for postpartum support in Pittsburgh? Storkbites is here for you.

teen mental health pittsburgh

Mental health support for teens: What’s available and where to find it in the Pittsburgh area

Check out our guide to teen mental health support in the Pittsburgh area.

These local school districts are using $10 million to offer mental health support

Additional mental health support is coming via the SEEKS SES program.

Kids and comparison: We can’t shield them from it, but we can do THIS

Kids will always get compared to others. But parents can make sure they have plenty of room to develop exactly who they are.

eggshell parenting

What families need to know about ‘eggshell parenting’

Parenting isn’t easy, and ‘eggshell parenting’ happens. Learning self-regulation can help.


#bethekindkid Kindness in Action campaign begins this week

Your child may have a chance to #bethekindkid through this new kindness campaign.

teen mental health

Urgent care for mental health: UPMC Children’s opens behavioral health walk-in clinic for kids/teens

New resource for kids’ and teens’ mental health in our community. Details here.

Amber Edmunds is dedicated to uplifting Black mothers in Pittsburgh. This is her story.

This personal essay explores the experiences and resilience of Black mothers in Pittsburgh. Don’t miss it.

teen mental health pittsburgh

How is teen mental health being addressed in Pittsburgh? New NY Times report has eye-opening answers

Check out this close-up look at how caregivers support teen mental health in Pittsburgh.


YBMKQ unveils plans for a new community center in Penn Hills

YBMKQ is ready to create a safe and empowering community hub.

teen mental health

How can teens find hope when they’re struggling? These ideas can help.

Thoughts from the Surgeon General (and a caring mom) to support teen mental health.

mental health advice

Powerful mental health advice (and grant funding) from Pittsburgh Marathon competitor Greg Nance

Mental health advice and encouragement from ultramarathoner Greg Nance.

grounding kit

What is a grounding kit? Learn how to make this tool that can help with emotional regulation.

Grounding kits are a great resource to keep on hand for situations in which a person needs relief from stress, anxiety, or both.

At Café Momentum, teens learn lessons in restauranteering — and life.

Photo above courtesy of Café Momentum. We’ve heard a lot about the uptick in violence among young people in the Pittsburgh region recently including shootings and fights in all kinds […]

New encouragement cards are here from Fred Rogers Productions and The Mentoring Partnership

Image above courtesy of Fred Rogers Productions and The Mentoring Partnership  The legacy of Fred Rogers has transformed the entire city of Pittsburgh for generations — especially for its youngest […]

holiday stress

It’s not just about the kids: 5 expert tips for parents on navigating holiday stress and sadness

Holiday stress and sadness can make this season feel less than jolly. This advice may help.

Rachel Carson Ecovillage

The Rachel Carson EcoVillage will bring sustainable living and a shared mission to the North Hills 

The Rachel Carson EcoVillage “will offer easy connections with neighbors without sacrificing the privacy of our own home and yard.”


The 6 words my daughter said that proved my self-care wasn’t selfish

Self-care doesn’t make us bad parents. It makes us parents who aim to value our entire selves.

extracurricular activities

How many extracurricular activities are too many? These 8 ideas can help you find the answer.

Extracurricular activities are great. Downtime is, too.

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