FC Pride in the Park

FC Pride in the Park invites families to connect and celebrate the local LGBTQIA+ community

“Many Pride events are adult-focused, so hosting something kid-friendly for those who are maybe coming out or questioning their sexual identity is really welcoming.”

Advice from experts on talking with kids about mass shootings

Talking with kids about shootings can be difficult. These ideas and resources can help.

Mothers and mental health

Mothers and mental health: “As a mom, I can sometimes feel like a shadow of myself”

We don’t hear enough about mothers and mental health. This essay offers

AHN Pediatrics

Sponsored Content If you’re stressed out, your kids might be too. AHN Pediatrics discusses dealing with emotions.

Take a deep breath and learn how to help children cope with their feelings with this advice on mental health from AHN Pediatrics.

Meet Zuri, the debut baby from Kool Image Dolls, a Pittsburgh-based, woman-owned company

“I never wanted to have a doll that is just a browner-colored replica of a Caucasian doll in the features.”

teen mental health

KDKA: Teen mental health is getting new attention

Teen mental health is getting valuable attention in Pittsburgh and beyond. Check out KDKA’s report.

Listen, Lucy

Through ‘Listen, Lucy,’ Jordan Corcoran is helping local teens understand mental health

The Listen, Lucy program brings valuable mental health information and encouragement to local schools and beyond.

O’Hara family turns grief into the Positive Painting Project to create messages of hope

Talking is better than keeping it to yourself … It’s OK to not be OK.”

March 13, 2020

Two years after March 13, 2020, how has the pandemic changed Pittsburgh’s families?

That anniversary of March 13, 2020, is here. See the results of Kidsburgh’s pandemic-impact survey.


Two years into the pandemic, we’re asking families: What have you experienced?

We want to hear from you and include your voices in the story we’re writing. So please take our very short survey.

A local play therapist’s must-have toys for helping kids express emotions

Curious about helping kids express emotions? This guide to play therapy toys can help.

Jerry L. Wyckoff

Op Ed: Empathizing it out in trying times

“We need somebody in our corner, a support person, a person we can trust to be there through it all.”

children talking about death

If children are talking about death, how can parents best support them?

The pandemic and other worries may have children bringing up this difficult subject. Here’s expert advice on how you might respond.

Bill Strickland

Guest Editor Bill Strickland on the simple way you can change a child’s life

Guest editor Bill Strickland: “We need to lift each other up. And we can. There is so much we can do.”

what is mindfulness?

What is mindfulness? This easy guide can help families throughout the new year.

How can families practice mindfulness? This quick guide explains.

5 ways to help newly adopted children during the holidays

Expert advice on how you can best support newly adopted children as they experience the holiday season.

Dragon's Den photo of Wendoll Slade, courtesy Dayna Delgado.

From volunteer to employee: At Dragon’s Den, this teen has turned helping others into a career

Check out Wendoll Slade’s inspiring story.

The Carnegie Elementary School Chill Room

Chill Project opens first space for elementary students in Carnegie

Each Chill Room comes with an AHN-licensed counselor or social worker who is there full-time to help students.

matt's maker space

Matt’s Maker Space opens a new location at UPMC Western Psych to help kids with mental illnesses

Matt’s Maker Space has grown to include 30 locations in the Pittsburgh region.

Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

6 ways your food choices can lower stress and support mental health

There are no magic foods for boosting your mood. But these ideas can help lower stress and support good mental health.

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