events in Pittsburgh

It’s syrup season: 9 sweet maple syrup events in Pittsburgh and around Western PA

These maple syrup events in Pittsburgh and the region are sweet and educational!

33 ways to enjoy cold weather fun in Pittsburgh, from snow festivals to tubing and more

Fresh-air family outings are trending with a wealth of activities that fire up energy.

6 farms for apple picking in Pittsburgh this season

We love that kids love apples, which makes apple picking in Pittsburgh that much more fun.

fresh voices for clean air

Local nonprofit is seeking teens for ‘Fresh Voices for Clean Air’ youth education initiative

GASP is seeking local teens to join an innovative program called Fresh Voices for Clean Air. 

Larimer rain garden

This flower-filled Larimer rain garden is officially open for outdoor education

This beautiful Larimer rain garden will help kids learn about pollinators, stormwater, native plants and more.

3 Rivers Outdoor

3 Rivers Outdoor Co. to rent kayaks, paddleboards and even hammocks at new location in Aspinwall

“We’ve got these beautiful rivers right here. You don’t have to drive an hour to go to a state park. It’s an urban wild experience.” 

Pittsburgh Youth Climate Action summit

Your teen is invited to the Pittsburgh Youth Climate Action Summit. Details here on this free event.

We’ve got all the details on this year’s in-person Pittsburgh Youth Climate Action Summit. Register your child for free today.

Pittsburgh playgrounds

Kidsburgh’s 2022 Pittsburgh Playgrounds and Parks survey: Tell us about your favorites

tell us what you look for when you’re seeking a playground or park, and tell us about the good ones you’ve found.

Pennsylvania Education Innovation Awards

All three 2021 Pennsylvania Education Innovation Awards go to our regional schools

Each year, PSBA recognizes pioneering leadership in public schools. This year, the statewide awards all went to schools in our region!

outdoor learning

5 great places for outdoor learning fun in Pennsylvania and Ohio

Outdoor learning options abound in the western PA region. Check out our guide.

Sponsored Content Make the Most of Your Child’s Summer at Shady Side Academy Summer Programs!

Make the most of your child’s summer with camps at Shady Side Academy.

It’s syrup season: 9 sweet maple syrup events happening in and around Western PA

It’s maple syrup season in and around Pittsburgh. Check out these maple syrup events!

winter Pittsburgh

26 ways to have outdoor fun in Pittsburgh this winter

We know it’s cold. But there are plenty of ways to have outdoor fun in Pittsburgh this winter. Check out our guide.

new parks in Pittsburgh

6 new parks in Pittsburgh will span 300-plus acres and 11 neighborhoods

Is there a new park coming to your neighborhood? We’ve got the details here.

THINC30 Youthquake student_image courtesy of Covestro

This weeklong event can help your kid become a climate changemaker

You and your kids can tune into next week’s summit whenever you have time. All events will be recorded.

Kidsburgh Learning Guide: Discovering the joy of outdoor learning

Pittsburgh is full of great opportunities to explore outdoors — and build knowledge about science, math and the environment along the way. 

Sponsored Content Shady Side Academy Summer Programs: Safe, Affordable and FUN!

After a long year of the kids being cooped up inside staring at screens, parents will be itching to find ways to safely get them out of the house this […]

23 ways to make the most of outdoor winter fun in Pittsburgh

It’s the perfect time of year to challenge kids to try a new skill or explore undiscovered parks.

9 things to do with kids this week in Pittsburgh, from owl prowls to Dr. Frankenbean

We’re loving this season with fresh-air opportunities to hike trails, visit creatures and enjoy outdoor theater.

17 ways to celebrate Halloween in Pittsburgh

Kids love the season of witches, ghosts and things that go bump in the night.

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