heat safety babies

Summer safety for babies and toddlers: Expert advice on heat and sun

Sun and heat safety for babies: We’ve got all the details.

summer reading

A summer full of stories: Preventing the ‘summer slide’ with reading

Summer reading is a great resource for families. Get all the details here.

Kidsburgh Podcast ep. 3: a farm animal sanctuary kids will love, birthday joy with Megs Yunn and straight talk from teens about tracking apps

Don’t miss this episode of the Kidsburgh Podcast!

domestic abuse Pittsburgh

50 years after opening, Pittsburgh’s Women’s Center & Shelter remains a powerful resource for anyone facing domestic abuse

Whether you are trying to figure out if your relationship is abusive, you are fleeing danger or anywhere in between, Molinaro says, “we are here to offer help and hope.”

The Kidsburgh Podcast is here! Check out the first episode.

The Kidsburgh Podcast has it all, from astronauts and pro athletes to super-cool local treasures you might not know about.

Would the real stigma please stand up?

How can we support our kids’ mental health? It starts with eliminating the stigma.

kids and phones

Phones and kids: new pediatric guidelines, expert advice and info on new school rules

The latest advice and strategies for managing phones and kids.

autism awareness

14 books that can help kids understand and support peers with disabilities

It’s Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month: Check out this reading list for valuable learning.

KDKA report: What parents need to know about concussions among young children

Early treatment for concussions in young children can make a difference, this report finds.

kids who care

Nominate ‘Kids Who Care’ for this annual award from Pittsburgh Cares

One more week to enter the Kids Who Care contest. Details here.

summer camp pittsburgh

7 questions to ask ahead of summer camp in Pittsburgh this year

Choose the right Pittsburgh summer camp and get prepped with our easy guide.

gyms with childcare

Making time for your health: Our guide to gyms with childcare, on KDKA

Don’t miss our guide to gyms with childcare and ideas for getting exercise with and without your kids.

divorce mental health

Mental health advice for parents navigating divorce and custody

Expert insight on protecting your mental health and your kids’ during divorce.

Why do tweens behave the way they do? Find answers in this KDKA video.

Tween behavior can be confusing, but biology has some explanations. Check out this Talk Pittsburgh conversation.

future kings

Conversations in the Allderdice cafeteria led to the creation of Future Kings

“Terrell explained ‘Future King’ to me one day in the school cafeteria, and it stuck.”

What every parent should know about eating disorders

One local family’s story, and the resources you need to learn about eating disorders.

pittsburgh braces

Straight talk about braces and aligners from a Pittsburgh-area expert

Braces of any kind are a big investment and not every choice is right for everyone — especially kids and teens. How do Pittsburgh parents choose?

Where to get help with ADHD? Check out this video interview.

Looking for ADHD support in Pittsburgh? Here’s advice on where to begin.

UPMC data: When pregnant women get the flu vaccine, it helps protect their babies

The flu vaccine can help pregnant women and their babies. Check out the research from UPMC.

ADHD help pittsburgh

ADHD: what to know and where to get diagnosed in the Pittsburgh area

Need help with ADHD in the Pittsburgh area? This advice may be valuable.

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