AAPI heritage

It’s AAPI Month: These movies/TV shows celebrate Asian-American and Pacific Island heritage and culture

During AAPI Month or all year long, these movies and TV shows are perfect for families.

YouTube content that helps tweens and teens navigate school and life

Our friends at Common Sense Media have created a list of videos that can inspire and help teens and tweens.

spring break activity

9 spring break activity ideas from Common Sense Media

These spring break activity ideas will keep kids busy reading, performing, game-playing and more.

Parents’ Ultimate Guide to TikTok

Photo above by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash. Is TikTok safe? How does it work? Can I do a duet with my kid? Recently the platform has come under heat for […]

encouraging kids to read

How to raise a reader: 8 tips from Common Sense Media for getting kids hooked on books

Encouraging kids to read can be easy with this advice from Common Sense Media.

books that teach kids empathy

Check out this list of books that teach kids empathy

In search of books that teach kids empathy? We’ve got a great list right here.

social media stunt

How you can help kids navigate viral social media stunts

Our partners at Common Sense Media have good advice for parents about dealing with viral social media stunts.

kids and phones

Practical tips for easing kids’ social media anxiety

Our friends at Common Sense Media share great advice for helping kids handle social media anxiety.

Using Google Classroom

Using Google Classroom: Check out Common Sense Media’s guide to learn all about it

Are your kids using Google Classroom? Then you should know how to use it, too.

Ideas from local experts on talking with kids about 9/11

Good advice from local experts and from our national partner Common Sense Media.

How to explain difficult and disturbing news to your kids

Dramatic, disturbing news events can leave parents speechless. These age-based tips on how to talk to kids about the news — and listen, too — can help. 

How to set parental controls on the Xbox One

Use these settings to help make gaming safer for kids. 

24 creative ideas for free activities to move, learn and connect as a family

These cool activities will help your connect in fun ways.

How to build character strengths and life skills with quality media

“All television is educational television. The question is, what is it teaching?” 

How to help kids stay smoke-free and sidestep cigarette, vaping and pot marketing

If you’re feeling outspent, out-messaged, and out-cooled, take heart. There are plenty of ways to fight back.

How to prevent meltdowns and tantrums over screen-time limits

Photo by Anna Shvets. Helping kids regulate their own media use is an ongoing process, and along the way you’re likely to experience some struggles when it’s time to turn […]

11 social media red flags you should know about

Find out which social media features are cause for concern — no matter which app your kid is using. 

Hey, Alexa, how do I set parental controls on the Amazon Echo?

Follow these step-by-step tips to set limits and add “skills” to make Alexa a little kid-friendlier. 

7 practical tips for easing kids’ social media anxiety

Fear of missing out can make social media-using teens feel stressed. Here’s how you can help. 

5 ways video games can help kids with special needs

From communication to motor skills, learning through play is a wonderful motivator for kids with challenges. 

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