The ugly truth behind pretty pictures

Help your kids resist the Photoshop effect. 

5 tips for picking your preschooler’s first TV shows

When you’re 2 or 3, every show is a new show. Read these tips for choosing titles you and your kids will love.

10 tips to get your kids hooked on books

Kids become lifelong readers for all kinds of reasons. These tips will get them started.

How to talk to teens about dealing with online predators

Use this script to kick off a conversation with your kid. 

Common Sense Media: Online playdates, game nights and other ways to socialize at a distance

Fire up FaceTime and get the fun started with ideas from show-and-tell to charades. 

16 tips to keep kids motivated for online learning

Helpful tips and techniques to encourage and motivate your kids during virtual lessons in what promises to be a very unusual school year. 

So Now What? webinar: How to balance tech usage in a world of digital learning

“We just want to make sure we have a good handle on our child’s mental health.”

How to guide your kids through election season

In a fraught political era, news literacy skills help kids view information critically and become informed citizens. 

Tips and tricks to manage your kid’s school-issued computer

From parental controls to consequences for misuse, here’s everything you need to know.

Should you read your kid’s texts?

Dos and Don’ts for sneaking a peek at your kid’s phone. 

6 ways to support kids’ mental health right now

As the pandemic pushes kids’ lives even more online, their mental health depends on parental support — and a lot less anti-tech talk. 

5 signs of screen overload – and how to handle them

From poor sleep to headaches, signs that it’s time for kids to take a break can take many forms. 

A parent’s ultimate guide to Messenger Kids

Under the right circumstances — and with plenty of oversight — Messenger Kids can help young kids connect. But is social media OK for this age group?

A parent’s ultimate guide to YouTube Kids

Is YouTube Kids really safe for kids? Learn more about this kid-targeted, but sometimes iffy, YouTube-lite app. 

10 ways to use media to raise anti-racist kids

Movies, TV, and books can be powerful teaching tools when it comes to helping kids understand race, racism, and a history of racial oppression. 

30 fun ideas for teachers and families to celebrate the end of a chaotic school year

Give your kids closure and highlight their accomplishments with these creative ideas.

Questions about TikTok? Here’s Common Sense Media’s ultimate guide for parents

Is TikTok safe? How does it work? And can I do a duet with my kid?

A parents’ ultimate guide to Zoom

Learn more about the video-conferencing software that took the world by storm — until issues caused a backlash. 

Common Sense Media launches Wide Open School, a free online resource

A group of 25 organizations came together and raised their hands to help.

Common Sense Media: 10 reasons you should read aloud to big kids, too

Even after kids can read on their own, they benefit from being read to.

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