World Book Day kicks off a calendar of fun reading events for Pittsburgh families 

World Book Day will kick off several weeks of fun and educational book-related events for kids and parents.

Why a more diverse booklist for kids enhances reading for all races and genders

When kids are exposed to kids who are different from themselves, the experience leads to improved cognitive skills, including critical thinking and problem-solving.

10 tips to get your kids hooked on books

Kids become lifelong readers for all kinds of reasons. These tips will get them started.

9 things to do with kids this week in Pittsburgh, from owl prowls to Dr. Frankenbean

We’re loving this season with fresh-air opportunities to hike trails, visit creatures and enjoy outdoor theater.

Carnegie Library’s 2020 Best Books for Babies is here. Get comfy with your snuggly bunny!

“It’s tremendously important in developing the early literacy skills that will allow the child to learn to read later.”

How to help kids learn — and feel loved — during this challenging school year

The “So Now What?” webinar series wraps up with a range of great learning resources for families.

9 things to do with kids this week in Pittsburgh, from wild animal encounters to mystery theater

This week, kids can exercise their minds, exercise their bods and exercise their making skills.

August Wilson Youth Writers Camp shares kids’ creative writing (and extends the season)

Kids explore their unique writing voices while looking at some of August Wilson’s influences.

Check out these winners in the Carnegie Library Teen Media Awards

The awards highlight the amazing talents of young artists as well as showcase the library’s services to teens.

Winning entries from 2020 PBS Kids Writers Contest charm readers with original tales and creative drawings

“It is so amazing to read the stories that the children create and very rewarding to acknowledge their hard work.”

9 things to do with kids this week in Pittsburgh, from space adventures to glassmaking kits

Head to a farm, watch a ballet or take a guided bike tour around the city.

Family-friendly summer fun activities in Pittsburgh

9 things to do in with kids this week in Pittsburgh, from Meowfest to an elephant birthday party

Having a great week with kids all comes down to attitude – and having a list of fun activities doesn’t hurt either.

10 things to do with kids this week in Pittsburgh, from a ‘Jurassic Park’ Watch Party to Pop Art Pop Ups

Seeking a well-balanced life for your family? You’ve got it covered here.

9 things to do with kids this week in Pittsburgh, from humpback whales to a little mermaid

July continues to roll with plenty of activities for inquisitive kids.

9 things to do with kids this week in Pittsburgh, from ‘Hair Love’ to an eco-river weekend

Our family events range from outdoors to indoors with enough fun to fill a whole week.

9 things to do with kids in Pittsburgh this week, from a baby sea lion to a water park

Ready for a road trip that lands your family safe at home by the end of the day? We have some great ideas!

5 questions for Vincent Folkes, Youth Poet Laureate of Allegheny County — and a poem

“I want to use the platform to bring to light issues that I don’t think are spoken about enough.”

Books on race and racism, by age, recommended by Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Not certain where to start or how to talk about race? These books will help.

As learning innovation grows, a fresh approach to ‘summer melt’ emerges in Pittsburgh

Over summer break, kids may lose up to 25 percent of what they learned during the school year.

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