Expert advice on helping kids get creative with arts projects

How can parents help support their kids’ creativity around things related to the arts? 

11 ways to support Pittsburgh kids with essential back-to-school supplies

Kids who are equipped with the proper learning tools show increased classroom participation and higher academic achievement.

Kidsburgh Learning Guide: Making the most of maker learning

Kids can discover what it means to be a maker throughout Pittsburgh.

Kidsburgh Learning Guide: Discovering the joy of outdoor learning

Pittsburgh is full of great opportunities to explore outdoors — and build knowledge about science, math and the environment along the way. 

5 ways parents can combine reading with play, an essential part of learning

This summer reading list pairs playful activities with books to keep kids learning all summer long.

Explore art through family-friendly activities around Pittsburgh

Yu-Ling Behr joins Mikey Hood and Celina Pompeani on Pittsburgh Today Live to look at family-friendly art resources around Pittsburgh. For the full guide of art learning resources, take a […]

Kidsburgh Learning Guide: All about art

A guide to the many free or inexpensive ways for families to bring more visual art into their lives and help kids build a lifelong passion for creating.

Worried about summer slide? These 11 Pittsburgh programs will prevent brain drain in your kids

Summer break doesn’t mean a break from learning. Kids will love these fun brainy activities.

Space is the next frontier for Pittsburgh kids with sky-high ambitions

“We are creating a true ecosystem, from middle school to high school all the way through college and ultimately in industry. You can live and work in space in Pittsburgh.”

$500,000 STEM grant awarded to Citiparks, Remake Learning and Allegheny County Library Association

“The goal is to connect schools, out-of-school-time providers and libraries in a strategic way.”

Neighborhood Allies and Fund My Future PGH team up to support kids’ financial literacy

Kids’ savings accounts are proven to help families save for college and build students’ expectations for attendance.

Why a more diverse booklist for kids enhances reading for all races and genders

When kids are exposed to kids who are different from themselves, the experience leads to improved cognitive skills, including critical thinking and problem-solving.

Pittsburgh learning hubs, built through teamwork, are here for you

Each family has different needs, so the community must be ready to respond in a wide range of ways.

Must read for parents: Mister Rogers’ lessons for raising ‘curious, creative, caring kids’

“Fred Rogers was a learning scientist of his day.”

10 tips to get your kids hooked on books

Kids become lifelong readers for all kinds of reasons. These tips will get them started.

So Now What? webinar: How to balance tech usage in a world of digital learning

“We just want to make sure we have a good handle on our child’s mental health.”

Robots are awesome. But the future of education technology is all about people. 

Technology can and should be a tool for connecting people, not separating them.

5 signs of screen overload – and how to handle them

From poor sleep to headaches, signs that it’s time for kids to take a break can take many forms. 

Common Sense Media launches Wide Open School, a free online resource

A group of 25 organizations came together and raised their hands to help.

10 free online education resources that make learning at home fun for kids

We’ve compiled a list of free resources with ready-to-use lesson plans on a variety of subjects and grade levels.

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