Photo of 412 Food Rescue co-founder and CEO Leah Lizarondo by Laura Petrilla.

Guest Editor Leah Lizarondo on the ‘super-happy process’ of helping other Pittsburghers

Inspiring thoughts from 412 Food Rescue’s co-founder and CEO Leah Lizarondo, this month’s Kidsburgh Guest Editor!

Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

6 ways your food choices can lower stress and support mental health

There are no magic foods for boosting your mood. But these ideas can help lower stress and support good mental health.

Grilled Cheese at Bier's Pub. Photo by Sally Quinn.

9 best places for grilled cheese sandwiches (the ultimate kid-friendly food!) in Pittsburgh

Hungry for grilled cheese, the ultimate kid-friendly food? Our friends at NEXT tracked down the top choices in Pittsburgh!

Want to connect with your kids? Make the most of family dinners.

Family dinners can give kids a safe place to share their feelings. Local experts give us advice on making the most of this opportunity.

2 quick and easy weeknight recipes from Pittsburgh chefs

Two talented Pittsburgh chefs (who are also parents!) offer fast, easy weeknight meals that take the stress out of family dinnertime.

Millvale Community Library’s new “free fridge” shares fresh food with the community

This solar-powered free refrigerator is located behind the Millvale Community Library.

8 kid-friendly cooking class options in Pittsburgh

Learning to prepare meals is just the tip of the iceberg lettuce. Every recipe tackled is a complete STEM lesson.

Keys to concentration: Why meeting basic needs means everything for kids in school

In addition to healthy food, kids need to feel safe, accepted for who they are and represented in their school communities.

Phipps’ Homegrown program cultivates backyard gardens in food-insecure Pittsburgh neighborhoods

“We found that the average Homegrown participant shared produce with nine people.”

Beverly’s Birthdays to the rescue with formula for hungry babies in Pittsburgh

“It is devastating to hear a mother say, ‘I have no idea how I am going to feed my baby.’ ”

9 things to do with kids this week in Pittsburgh, from Steelers fun to swimming lessons without a pool

This week is full of challenges, inspiration and creative ways to move outside (safely).

Struggling with your kids’ unhealthy food choices? Here’s LittleMoochi to the rescue!

When Moochi is well-fed, the character smiles and appears active and happy.

Here’s where your family can find help in Pittsburgh during the coronavirus pandemic

Lots of people are hurting. Lots of people need help. But it’s often hard to know just where to turn.

9 things to do with kids (at home) this week in Pittsburgh, from a dance party to a magic show

Groove to the music, get your baseball fix and enjoy the best rainy day ever.

Kidcast shares a kid-friendly recipe for junior chefs

Cooking can be a great way to enjoy time together with your kids.

Kidcast shows how to get your kids cooking, age by age

Believe it or not, kids can start to help cook as young as 2 years.

10 Pittsburgh shops where you can (safely) buy local chocolate and Easter treats

These local candy companies offer curbside pickup or will ship chocolate bunnies to your door.

6 Pittsburgh bakeries offer curbside pickup for DIY cookie kits

These DIY kits for kids provide entertaining activities, plus yummy treats at the end of each project.

Michael Keaton to the rescue with bus-stop meals for Pittsburgh kids

Pittsburgh non-profits wanted to find a solution to help bring food closer to kids.

5 things to do (at home) with kids this week in Pittsburgh

Just because we’re under a stay-at-home order doesn’t mean kids can’t explore exciting new activities.

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