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New state law helps Pittsburgh parents of newborns needing donor milk

Photo above by Garrett Jackson on Unsplash

A new law takes effect across Pennsylvania on Jan. 20 that will help medically fragile babies. Act 32, known as Owen’s Law, will provide medical coverage for breast milk that’s been donated and pasteurized for infants whose mother’s milk is not available.

Yesterday, local leaders celebrated at the Mid-Atlantic Milk Bank in Pittsburgh. The Acting Secretary of Health, Dr. Debra Bogen, explained that donated human milk is the standard of care in NICU’s.

“Pasteurized donor milk can be life-saving if a mother’s own milk is not available,” Bogen said. “We know when infants born early are fed an only-human milk diet during critical times, they have better outcomes.”

Eleven percent of babies born in Pennsylvania and West Virginia are born premature. Studies have found those babies in the NICU who get donated breast milk have lower rates of serious complications.

The new state law will allow babies to get the milk without a huge financial burden to the families.

Those looking to receive donor milk can learn more here. And if you’re interested in donating milk, you can learn more here.  To begin the screening process, prospective donors should contact the Mid-Atlantic Mothers’ Milk Bank team by phone at 412-281-4400 or email