Sponsored Content Passion Projects ignite kids’ curiosity at Shady Side Academy

Students are learning and inspired through Passion Projects.

Sponsored Content Pittsburgh Youth Chorus presents an exciting new season of singing lessons for kids

Exciting new changes are ahead this season for kids who love to sing.

Sponsored Content Baby, it’s playtime. Try these fun tips from Hello Baby Pittsburgh

Starting at two months of age or so, babies become more aware of the world around them. You can help foster this growth with a few fun, simple activities.

Sponsored Content Co-parenting? Here’s what you need to know

Parents are discovering how to share parenting duties when they’re not together.

Sponsored Content New dad? You’ve got this. Follow these 5 tips for fatherhood fun

You have everything you need to help your new baby get off to a good start in life.

Sponsored Content Kids diagnosed with autism find an array of support and services at The Children’s Institute

“We want parents to know that The Children’s Institute is here to help.”

Sponsored Content Shady Side Academy Summer Programs: Safe, Affordable and FUN!

After a long year of the kids being cooped up inside staring at screens, parents will be itching to find ways to safely get them out of the house this […]

Sponsored Content Reimagining school: Shady Side Academy reopens with in-person learning, plus remote option

With 189 acres across four campuses, Shady Side has an advantage many other schools do not – sheer space.

Sponsored Content Parenting through a pandemic? This free webinar series will help.

Learn how you can get into a healthy headspace and keep your family safe, cared for and happy.

Sponsored Content Summer camps for every kind of kid at Shady Side Academy!

A good summer camp or class can give kids the opportunity to discover new passions, develop existing talents and forge new friendships.

Sponsored Content From our sponsor: Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh helps survivors and their children rebuild

The truth is, leaving an abusive relationship is incredibly difficult. It’s dangerous and complex, often involving children, family pets, financial insecurity, and an uncertain future. The most lethal time in […]

Sponsored Content From our sponsor: The Laughlin Children’s Center announces an innovative service to diagnose mental health in kids

One in five kids in the United States has a diagnosable mental health disorder.

Sponsored Content From our sponsor: 5 things you didn’t know about summer camp at The Ellis School

Picture this. It’s one month before summer break and you’re awake at 2 a.m. looking for camp plans for your kids. As you frantically search “Pittsburgh summer camps” on your […]

Sponsored Content From our sponsor: Six Appeal brings its aca-awesome holiday show to Pittsburgh!

Break out those ugly holiday sweaters and enjoy the harmonious sounds of the season with a cappella sensation Six Appeal in Ugly Sweater Party, live at the Hillman Center for […]

Sponsored Content From our sponsor: Fields of learning: The Shady Side Academy Farm

“Through gardening, students learn how to be responsible caretakers for their environments.”

Sponsored Content From our sponsor: Grace Lin, popular children’s book author, to appear in Words & Pictures series

Words & Pictures presents acclaimed children’s authors and illustrators to readers of all ages.

Sponsored Content From our sponsor: Celebrate the 50th birthday of the Children’s Theater Series!

Favorite characters and new friends take kids on magical journeys from outer space to the deep sea.

Sponsored Content From our sponsor: A theater series created specifically for preteens and teens

Get ready to solve mysteries, follow unexpected journeys across the country, and take a step back in time with this exciting season.

Sponsored Content From our sponsor: Witness the impossible with mentalist Wayne Hoffman!

“Mind Candy” is a crazy melting pot of serious mind-reading, hilarious laugh-out-loud comedy and unbelievable mysteries

Sponsored Content 5 ways to have a standout birthday party at the National Aviary!

Wow your guests with up-close encounters, immersive habitats, and new hands-on activities.