Photo of 412 Food Rescue co-founder and CEO Leah Lizarondo by Laura Petrilla.

Guest Editor Leah Lizarondo on the ‘super-happy process’ of helping other Pittsburghers

Inspiring thoughts from 412 Food Rescue’s co-founder and CEO Leah Lizarondo, this month’s Kidsburgh Guest Editor!

4 simple ways to help kids (and parents) get more organized this year

UPMC’s Amanda Ozanich shares practical strategies for getting organized and making bedtime routines and school mornings smoother for the whole family.

Kidsburgh Learning Guide: Helping young people use their voices

Is your child is passionate about social issues or looking to have a voice in their community? There are many ways to support that goal right here in Pittsburgh. 

JAMbethekindkid, Inc. continues to set off chain reactions of kindness

Kindness is something that can not only benefit others whenever you do it, but also benefits yourself.

How to build character strengths and life skills with quality media

“All television is educational television. The question is, what is it teaching?” 

8 kid-friendly cooking class options in Pittsburgh

Learning to prepare meals is just the tip of the iceberg lettuce. Every recipe tackled is a complete STEM lesson.

EdCorps Real World Scholars develops kid entrepreneurs to lead tomorrow’s business world

“There’s just endless support for it, from students, from parents, from the community, from administrators,”

Brown Mamas develops Grow Mama Grow, a database of community courses taught by moms

Brown Mamas inspires mothers, teaching them life lessons.

Must read for parents: Mister Rogers’ lessons for raising ‘curious, creative, caring kids’

“Fred Rogers was a learning scientist of his day.”

PA Mother of the Year Heather Starr Fiedler offers great advice on raising kids

“We learn as we go and hope we’re doing a good job.”

PE teacher Craig Shapiro’s Project FUEL life lesson promotes simple acts of philanthropy

Never miss a moment to share words of encouragement and support.

This Project FUEL life lesson shows how playing second fiddle is important, too

You can accomplish a lot if you don’t feel the need to take credit for it.

Tim Smith’s Project FUEL life lesson grew from a conversation with Fred Rogers

Look for the “dusty angels.”

A father of 5 shares his Project FUEL life lesson on shaping an anti-racist perspective

Ignorance breeds ignorance. The enlightened breeds enlightenment.

This Project FUEL life lesson shows how playing second fiddle is important, too

You can accomplish a lot if you don’t feel the need to take credit for it.

Hands-on learning in Pittsburgh: Hammering a nail, threading a needle, learning a new skill

Is a new era of “home ec” and “shop on the horizon?

Homewood kids earn babysitting certification – and parental peace of mind – via virtual Red Cross course

Data shows that eight in 10 parents would pay more for children who are trained and certified to babysit.

Got a life lesson that changed you? Tell us what it is — and inspire others for Project FUEL

“When you learn, you become a star. But when you teach, you become a constellation.”

8 things to do with kids in Pittsburgh this week, from BioBlitz to a re-imagined Three Rivers Arts Festival

Take a river cruise, sip an ice ball or learn more about the creatures in your backyard.

Variety charity gives voice to Pittsburgh kids through specially programmed iPads

“It’s crazy to think that this little iPad, this communication device, can make such a big change.”

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