encouraging kids to write

Encouraging your kids to write can help them — in more ways than one. Here’s how.

This local author and parent shares advice on encouraging kids to write and why it matters.

teen mental health

Urgent care for mental health: UPMC Children’s opens behavioral health walk-in clinic for kids/teens

New resource for kids’ and teens’ mental health in our community. Details here.

back to school family

We’re prepping our kids for back-to-school. But what are we doing to prepare ourselves?

It’s back-to-school season for Pittsburgh families. Let’s take some of the pressure off.

18 summers

‘You only have 18 summers with your kid,’ they said. But moms are singing a different tune.

The “18 summers” meme is popping up everywhere. Don’t let it add to your stress.

LGBTQ resources

LGBTQ+ resources for Pittsburgh-area families: reading lists, youth groups and more

Whether you are a Pittsburgh LGBTQ+ family or simply want to learn more about your neighbors, there’s something here for you.

Cai & Kate

AHN’s new video series ‘Cai & Kate’ teaches kids about emotions

“Cai & Kate” uses puppetry, music and education to teach Chill Project skills to younger kids.

teen mental health pittsburgh

How is teen mental health being addressed in Pittsburgh? New NY Times report has eye-opening answers

Check out this close-up look at how caregivers support teen mental health in Pittsburgh.

teen mental health

How can teens find hope when they’re struggling? These ideas can help.

Thoughts from the Surgeon General (and a caring mom) to support teen mental health.

teen mental health, Young Ambassador Program

Beaver County’s Young Ambassador Program is making a difference for teen mental health

Young Ambassador Program members support one another and learn valuable skills for teen mental health.

teen mental health

Pittsburgh teens are struggling. This advice from the U.S. Surgeon General could help.

Teen mental health needs your attention. “We need your support and we need you to connect with us, now more than ever,” says Xiao.

On a visit to Pittsburgh, the Surgeon General talks with Charlie Batch about child and teen mental health

Mental health for kids and adults is “a universal challenge in America,” says Dr. Vivek Murthy.


$10 million will help kids battle the pandemic’s emotional impact

The project’s name, SEEKS SES, stands for Supporting Expansion and Enhancement of K-12 School-Based Social, Emotional Supports.

grounding kit

What is a grounding kit? Learn how to make this tool that can help with emotional regulation.

Grounding kits are a great resource to keep on hand for situations in which a person needs relief from stress, anxiety, or both.

At Café Momentum, teens learn lessons in restauranteering — and life.

Photo above courtesy of Café Momentum. We’ve heard a lot about the uptick in violence among young people in the Pittsburgh region recently including shootings and fights in all kinds […]

Human Services Center Mon Valley has helped families for 40 years, and they’re just getting started

The Human Services Center was established in 1982 as a human services “mall” with a mission to fight poverty.

holiday stress

It’s not just about the kids: 5 expert tips for parents on navigating stress and sadness

Holiday stress and sadness can make this season feel less than jolly. This advice may help.

teen mental health pittsburgh

Expert advice: How to help teenagers with anxiety

Strategies and insight from the Counseling & Wellness Center of Pittsburgh.

LGBTQ+ teens in Pittsburgh

New group therapy option for LGBTQ+ teens in Pittsburgh begins at UPMC

This new 10-week group therapy program is designed for LGBTQ+ teens in Pittsburgh.

little otter

Little Otter brings a new mental health resource to the Pittsburgh region

At the moment, there is no waiting list for mental healthcare from Little Otter.

LGBTQ resources

Local and national LGBTQIA+ resources for youth and parents 

In Pittsburgh and beyond, these resources are available to offer information and support.

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