teen vaping

Fewer teens are vaping, say the FDA and CDC. But here’s what you need to know

Details on teen vaping, including info on what the newest e-cigarettes look like.

periods at school

Advice from the founder of Peaceful Periods to help teen girls navigate their periods at school

You can help your teen girl feel comfortable about getting her period at school. Here’s how.

Teen caffeine consumption is growing: What medical experts want you to know

Pittsburgh teens may be consuming much more caffeine than they — or their parents — realize. Here’s what it matters.

Amber Edmunds is dedicated to uplifting Black mothers in Pittsburgh. This is her story.

This personal essay explores the experiences and resilience of Black mothers in Pittsburgh. Don’t miss it.

From miscarriage to motherhood: Standing up for your health and well-being

Advocating for your kids and for your own health is important — and it isn’t always easy.

summer safety for babies

Summer safety for babies and toddlers: Expert advice on heat and sun exposure

Summer safety for babies and little kids includes sunscreen, shade and staying hydrated.

This local mom saved her son from choking with this tool. Now she’s helping other families to be prepared.

Photo above courtesy of the Weir family.  One child dies every 5 days from choking, but a device called LifeVac has saved 700 people who were choking and likely would […]

Daniel Tiger’s new digital game helps prep kids for a positive experience at the dentist

“Daniel Tiger: At the Dentist” is a new free game that can help kids feel comfortable at the dentist.

AHN pediatrics

Sponsored Content Navigate your kids’ annual checkups at any age with these tips from AHN Pediatrics

Your kids’ annual checkups change as they grow from baby to teen to young adult. Learn what to expect at every age, what questions to ask, and when to step out of the room.

33 ways to enjoy cold weather fun in Pittsburgh, from snow festivals to tubing and more

Fresh-air family outings are trending with a wealth of activities that fire up energy.

ahn pediatrics

Sponsored Content Dreaming of an easy bedtime? Sleep routines can help, says AHN Pediatrics.

Give your children a sleep routine that works, with guidance from AHN Pediatrics.


RSV: What do Pittsburgh-area parents need to know?

RSV cases are rising in our area. What do you need to know?

Rachel Carson Ecovillage

The Rachel Carson EcoVillage will bring sustainable living and a shared mission to the North Hills 

The Rachel Carson EcoVillage “will offer easy connections with neighbors without sacrificing the privacy of our own home and yard.”

Sponsored Content Go team! During Sports Eye Safety Month, keep young athletes safe and motivated with coaching from AHN Pediatrics

Advice from AHN pediatrics.

Raising a teen or tween girl? You’ll want this advice from healthy period advocate Brittany Cheeks

Cheeks dove into all things menstrual health to learn about her own periods and help others have healthy periods.

Sponsored Content Missing a backpack and running late? Stay healthy and ease back-to-school stress with AHN Pediatrics.

School days and hectic mornings are back. You can ease the stress and keep the kids healthy with back-to-school suggestions from AHN Pediatrics.

Sponsored Content Splinter removed. Vacation saved. Pack your family first-aid travel kit with advice from AHN Pediatrics.

Traveling with children? Check out these tips for a happier, healthier family vacation.

infant sleep guidelines

These new infant sleep guidelines and a new federal law can help you protect your baby

New infant sleep guidelines are here — the first new guidelines from the AAP since 2016. Details here.

Sponsored Content My baby walked early, but isn’t talking. Do milestones matter? AHN Pediatrics has the answer.

Parents worry about their children’s progress. While babies grow at their own pace, missing milestones can indicate a problem. Learn when to address the issue and how your pediatrician can help.

Register today: Empower Her helps transform today’s Pittsburgh girls into tomorrow’s leaders

The event also covers health and wellness, healthy relationships and body positivity.

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