Worried about your teen vaping? Dr. G is here to help

“I would like to remind parents that privacy is a privilege, not a right.”

Kidcast explores questions about vaccines with pediatrician Dr. Todd Wolynn

“We’re now facing the largest outbreak of measles that we have in close to two decades.”

For Pittsburgh kids with special needs, equine therapy is more than horseplay: It’s life-changing. 

“This is where they grow and make friends.”

Bright by Text, in partnership with WQED, offers kid-focused tips, games and guidance via text

“We want parents to have the best research-based information right at their fingertips.”

Sponsored Content Why we walk for Children’s

Every doctor, nurse, and staff member at Children’s has been outstanding.

On the fence about the HPV vaccine? Kidcast shares a personal view.

Dr. Todd Wolynn explains how the HPV vaccine can prevent cancer.

Social media, body image and how art therapy helps kids with eating disorders

A study at The University of Pittsburgh found that participants who most frequently checked social media throughout the day had 2.6 times the risk of reporting eating and body image […]

How can we prevent child abuse? Through daily acts, big and small

“We want people to be concerned and move toward action.”

Is your school safe? A new report has shocking findings

Women for a Healthy Environment can help districts find grant money to offset the costs.

Siblings find their happy place at Lemieux Center in Children’s Hospital

“When you have a chronically ill sibling, the healthy siblings can feel ignored at times.”

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