Why we walk for Children’s

Please note this article is provided by our sponsor, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation.

“When she was just 5 days old, Olivia was sent to the Emergency Department at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh due to weight loss and failure to thrive.

“As new parents, we were exhausted and scared, and we naturally blamed ourselves. The amazing staff at Children’s was great with Olivia, and they addressed all of our questions and concerns.

“We are very lucky to have such wonderful doctors here at Children’s Hospital who were able to find and treat Olivia’s heart condition to keep her healthy and safe. Many individuals are unaware they have this condition, which can often have fatal results. We were referred to the Heart Institute to manage her condition, where our experience has been absolutely great. Every doctor, nurse, and staff member at Children’s has been outstanding.

“To show our love and appreciation for Children’s and the Heart Institute, we participate in Walk for Children’s every year.”

— Kassandra, Olivia’s mom

The fourth annual Walk for Children’s is on Saturday, June 1, at Schenley Park. Join Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation by registering today at walkforchildrens.com and fundraising to support patients and families who are treated at UPMC Children’s.