Experts say child abuse numbers are likely to be higher during coronavirus outbreak

The child welfare system is very much operational at this point in time.

Pittsburgh’s Leandra Mira speaks for kids on the need for an Earth Day climate emergency declaration

The 50th Anniversary of Earth Day seemed like the right time to come together to take serious action and declare a climate emergency.

Are your kids anxious about coronavirus? Dr. G is here to help

The health crisis can be frightening for kids when schoolyard chatter raises all sorts of misinformation.

These Pittsburgh kids bring fresh perspectives on solutions to violence

Many of the participants shared first-hand experiences of the loss of a loved one or the fear they carry with them.

Breast milk donors needed at Mid-Atlantic Mothers’ Milk Bank in Pittsburgh

The milk bank serves more than 30 neonatal intensive care units across four states.

Here’s how to be a coronavirus hero and help struggling families in Pittsburgh

Support organizations and efforts helping people affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

Where to get help in Pittsburgh as we adjust to life with coronavirus

“It can be tempting to get glued to the news, but that may only increase anxiety.”

Yoga, babies and art? Kidcast checks out this cool class at Carnegie Museum

Engaging in the arts can lead to increased self-esteem, a decrease in stress and depression levels, and it improves your overall sense of well-being.

Mid-Atlantic Mothers’ Milk Bank is making donor milk more accessible to babies — and researchers

the milk bank’s staff and supporters advocated for legislation to regulate and license milk banks in Pennsylvania.

Kidcast checks out Jeremiah’s Place, Pittsburgh’s only crisis childcare center

Families can access 24-hour emergency childcare at no cost.

Children’s Hospital delivers a cure for boredom with new Dream Big Studio

Kids can feel isolated and lonely while hospitalized. Making art or music can give them a creative outlet.

New PA law requires kids to learn CPR before high school graduation

The American Heart Association hopes kids will go home and teach their parents and grandparents as well.

Kidcast: There’s help for moms who suffer from anxiety during and after pregnancy

There are common-sense strategies like taking time for yourself, taking care of yourself, getting people to support you so you can get a break.

What’s a midwife’s role? Kidcast explains the philosophy of care

One of the hallmarks of midwifery is shared decision making.

Worried about toxins in your kid’s school? The 1,000 Hours a Year initiative aims to remedy those issues

Mini-grants and technical expertise help schools address environmental toxins in Pittsburgh’s schools.

Moms find help for postpartum depression through NEST

“Early detection is often the key to success.”

Kidcast dispels myths surrounding pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting but complicated time when women are faced with many misconceptions.

Kidcast explores health risks in the ‘fourth trimester’ of motherhood

We want to emphasize the importance of a woman’s own health after pregnancy.

Children’s Hospital opens Pittsburgh’s first pediatric orthopaedic urgent care

“We believe it could be the first pediatric orthopaedic urgent care nationally.”

Here’s why a vision test is so important for your kids

Vision problems are the No. 1 one cause of disability in children.

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