Kidcast dispels myths surrounding pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting but complicated time, and there are a lot of myths about pregnancy. KDKA’s Kristine Sorensen talks with Dr. Ashley O’Keefe, OB/GYN at UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital, to clear up some confusion over what’s true and what’s not.

Kristine Sorensen: The first myth is: Hot, spicy foods will induce labor. Is this true?

Dr. Ashley O’Keefe:  No, it is not.  In fact, hot foods do not induce labor. The only thing that really can induce labor is if we medically induce you for some medical reason.

Kristine Sorensen: The second myth is: When you’re pregnant, you can’t drink any coffee. Is this true?

Dr. Ashley O’Keefe: Actually, you can drink coffee.  You can have about one cup a day, or less than 200 milligrams of caffeine daily, so you can also have soda or tea, just as long as it’s about one cup of it.

Kristine Sorensen: The third myth is that morning sickness only happens in the morning. Is this true?

Dr. Ashley O’Keefe: No, it’s not. Studies have actually shown that you could have morning sickness at any time during the day. More often it is in the morning, but nausea and vomiting can happen anytime.