gyms with childcare

Making time for your health: Our guide to gyms with childcare, on KDKA

Our executive editor Melissa Rayworth was glad to visit KDKA-TV’s Talk Pittsburgh last week to chat with hosts Mikey Hood and Heather Abraham about our latest guide, which is all about local gyms that offer childcare.

Along with talking about the various gyms, they discussed the many ways that parents can make sure to get exercise by swapping childcare hours with friends and working regular exercise into the ways they spend time with their kids. (Find all that in our guide.) And they talked about what can be the biggest, but most important challenge — finding the time to take care of yourself when you’re busy taking care of everyone else.

“From the time your baby is born and needs all that immediate care, until the time they’re probably preteen age, you are in the throes of such a busy schedule. You’re trying to manage everything, and I think that’s the hard part for me,” Heather said. “It’s not just holding myself accountable. It’s finding the time.”

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