These Pittsburgh teen media creators are getting their voices heard — and being celebrated for it

Check out the works of these talented Pittsburgh teen media creators.

maker monday

Maker Monday: Kids can make Monster Bookmarks

Maker Monday is here with a great summer project.

11 things to do in Pittsburgh this weekend, from a farm tour to a celebration of kites and more

So many things to do in PIttsburgh this weekend: Check out our lineup!

Remake Learning Days

Remake Learning Days festival kicks off with thousands of kid-designed catapults

More than 200 Remake Learning Days events are happening around our region through May 23.

Maker Monday: Make these easy Pencil Topper Creatures

Maker Monday is back with another easy, fun craft for kids!

Maker Monday

Maker Monday: Kids can create these easy, beautiful bubble prints

Maker Monday bubble prints can serve as a backdrop for a drawing or be used as writing paper.

center for creative reuse

The Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse: Where old objects meet new possibilities

The possibilities at the Center for Creative Reuse, with a bit of kinetic creativity added, are virtually endless.  

maker monday

Maker Monday: Marshmallow peep boats

This Maker Monday project offers lots of opportunities for STEM learning.

grounding kit

What is a grounding kit? Learn how to make this tool that can help with emotional regulation.

Grounding kits are a great resource to keep on hand for situations in which a person needs relief from stress, anxiety, or both.


Maker Monday: easy, colorful paper beads

This Maker Monday project teaches small motor skills and promotes problem-solving, while kids are making something lovely!

cartoon academy

Set your DVR for the two-season marathon of “Cartoon Academy” with Joe Wos

Joe Wos describes his “Cartoon Academy” video series as “Bob Ross meets Mister Rogers.” Catch the two-season marathon on Jan. 2 on WQED-TV.

Maker Monday

Maker Monday: Build a DIY robot that draws pictures!

With this Maker Monday project, kids can create their own “drawbot”!

Maker Monday

Maker Monday: Let’s make puffy snow paint

Maker Monday fun is here!

Maker Monday

Maker Monday: Let’s try making boats that float

This Maker Monday project teaches engineering concepts and more!

Maker Monday

Maker Monday: Let’s try crocheting

Kids can follow this Maker Monday video to begin learning to crochet.

Maker Monday

Maker Monday: Let’s make wind instruments

This Maker Monday project will teach your kids to make instruments that use air to make sounds: a paper whistle, a cardboard kazoo and a “bottle bassoon.”

Maker Monday

Maker Monday: Let’s try making pop-up cards

Maker Monday is back with another easy craft project.

Maker Monday

Maker Monday: How to create a homemade poetry card game

This Maker Monday project teaches kids to create a homemade card game while working on their language skills.

Maker Monday

Maker Monday: Let’s make leaf print art

This Maker Monday “Let’s Try” video teaches kids to get creative with beautiful fall leaves!

Maker Monday

Maker Monday: Let’s make shaving cream prints

This easy DIY Maker Monday project can be done with items you likely have around the house.

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