24 creative ideas for free activities to move, learn and connect as a family

Common Sense Media and Wide Open School teamed up with partner organizations to put together lots of fun and free activities for families. Here are 24 to get started. You can find even more here.

Write and Perform: Write an original rap, song or spoken word poem with friends, family members or by yourself. Practice your performance.

Create a Family Movie Guide: Create a family movie guide that not only will be a lasting piece of memorabilia but will also help with writing skills.

Address an Envelope: Learn the steps of this important skill. Then, write a letter to friends or family—they’ll be delighted to get it in the mail.

Room Refresh: Pick a room, space, or spot in your home that could use some sprucing up. Clean and organize the area to make it work better for you and your family.

Behind the Scenes in the Tesla Factory: Find out how the Tesla Model S is made with a tour of this state-of-the-art factory.

Pass the Appreciation: Gather the family in a circle. Grab a ball or a pillow, toss it to someone, and say something you appreciate about them. Keep it going!

Create a Kindness Challenge: Think of a way your household can show kindness to each other this week. How can you help each other or make the day better?

Your Heritage: Create (or write) something that represents your background and culture. Interview family members for extra help with details and perspectives.

Peek into the White House: Take a tour of the West Wing of the White House in sign language. See just what the president’s 45-second commute looks like.

Healthy Meals Remix: Choose three of your family’s favorite meals and see if there’s an even healthier spin you can put on them. More veggies? Less salt? Try your new recipe!

Build a Tree of Thanks: Make a simple tree of thanks together and bolster your family’s gratitude practice—maybe even start a new family tradition!

Family Interview Project: Use these questions (or write your own) to interview a family member. Write down or record their answers and share with the whole family.

How It’s Made: Chocolate Chip Cookies: Did you know some cookies are made in factories, not in restaurant kitchens? Watch this “sweet” tour on how large-batch cookies are mixed and shipped.

Thinking About Traditions: Write down your family traditions, whether they’re for holidays, birthdays, or other special reasons. Are there new traditions you’d like to create?

I’d Like to Toast …: The next time your family gets together, take a minute to toast each other. What specific things do you appreciate about each person?

Family Photo Album: Take some time together to curate your best family photos, and put them into a digital or old-school album. Create a theme or just choose your favorites.

The Hula-Hoopin’ Queen: Listen to Oprah Winfrey read The Hula-Hoopin’ Queen and get your hips swingin’ and fingers snappin’ as you enjoy a story of family and celebration.

Snail Mail: Pick a friend or family member and write them a letter the old-fashioned way. Use a pen, paper, envelope, stamp, and your brain—no computer! Make sure to ask them to write back before you drop your letter in the mailbox.

Food Prep: Make a snack or meal to share. Beginner chefs may want to make sandwiches or prepare a snack plate or fruit salad. Ready for a challenge? Make a family favorite for dinner or try something new.

Grand Canyon Trek: Chill out on this awe-inspiring (and long!) Grand Canyon hike featuring great footage and vibes. If you’re up for it, walk along with the video!

Family Conversation Sparks: Add these conversation starters to a jar and choose one to spark thoughtful discussions. Try one during family meals, in the car, or at bedtime!

Create a Recipe Book: Write and assemble a book of your original recipes, or of recipes you’ve collected from friends and family. Consider adding photos or illustrations.

Playing Card Math Games: Learn these math games that only require a deck of cards. Play with a brother, sister, or family member to test your skills.

Design a Treasure Hunt: Write five creative clues that will lead someone to a treasure. Do it outside if you can!