YouTube content that helps tweens and teens navigate school and life

Photo above by Natasha Hall via Unsplash.

Teens and tweens throughout the Pittsburgh region watch plenty of videos on phones and other devices. Parents may often wonder whether any of it is actually helpful to their kids. So we were glad to see that our friends at Common Sense Media put together a guide to video content that can actually help kids navigate their school and home lives.

The Common Sense guide mentions channels like Cajun Koi Academy, where two brothers named Mike and Matt use a combination of live action and animation to take viewers on a journey of learning and self-discovery. This channel, Common Sense says, can help kids “supercharge study sessions, level up on self-improvement, and embrace a positive mindset.”

They also include a video by Improvement Pill called “How to Find Your Passion,” recommended for kids age 11 and older. According to Common Sense, this video “unpacks 11 general life abilities to help guide kids’ journey of self-discovery. From musical and logical to digital and visual, each skill and its related career path is broken down seamlessly, perfect for beginners and curious minds alike.”

Click here to explore the entire guide and help your kids kick off the new year with videos that are worth their time.