tea with teens

Got questions you wish you could ask your kids? The Tea with Teens team has answers.

Photo above by Svitlana via Unsplash.

Have you ever wondered why your teen does weird things? Do they say things like “rizz” or “slay”? Do you want to know why? Or do they lock themselves in their rooms – and you’re worried, but they won’t open the door?

Maybe your kids are even younger – perhaps 10 or 12 – and they’re just beginning to do and say things you’re curious about. But you’re not sure how to ask them (potentially awkward) questions and you don’t want them to feel like they’re living under a microscope.

“We are here to help,” says Brendan Harris, one of the founding creators of Kidsburgh’s new advice column series “Tea with Teens.”

“We are a group of young people who want to share insights into our lives with you,” Harris explains. “We will do our best to answer any questions you might have about today’s youth. Please feel free to ask us – real teens – anything about our lives. We welcome all questions and look forward to helping you better understand youth culture.”

Kidsburgh is inviting our readers to send questions that you’d like to ask the Tea with Teens team, which includes Harris, Morgan McCray, Emily Cicco and Elena Xiao, all members of SLB Radio‘s Youth Media Corps. You’re welcome to be anonymous — the team will answer your question in a story we’ll publish, but your name won’t be included in the story unless you want it to be.

(And in case this is your first question, we can explain the meaning behind the name Tea with Teens: “Tea” has become a popular way to describe information that you share with someone else, whether it’s lighthearted gossip or the real facts about something more serious. These young Pittsburghers are happy to spill the tea on what may or may not be happening with your kids, because they understand that sometimes it’s easier to ask someone else’s teenager a question you’re not sure how best to ask your own.)

Here are several ways you can send your questions to the Tea with Teens team: 

We’re excited to hear your questions and give you answers from the Tea with Teens team during the coming months.