Using Google Classroom

Using Google Classroom: Check out Common Sense Media’s guide to learn all about it

Photo above by Christin Hume used by permission via Unsplash

Parents have been learning a lot during the pandemic. We pitched in with remote and hybrid learning, helping our kids on their journey into the world of online and personalized learning. We dove more deeply into the subjects our kids learn. And we communicated more than ever with teachers. Along the way, many of us have seen our kids using Google Classroom.

This free platform is the place where many schools assign classwork and homework.

Using Google Classroom isn’t difficult, but many parents may be unfamiliar with it. And our partners at Common Sense Media tell us that it can “invite privacy and safety risks that parents should keep an eye on.” These risks can include data tracking, potential contact with strangers, and even cyberbullying.

To help parents navigate this technology, Common Sense has created their “Parents’ Ultimate Guide to Google Classroom,” which can help tech-savvy parents and tech-unfamiliar people alike.

Among the valuable questions they ask: If my kid is using Google Classroom, how can I make sure they’re not goofing around?

And maybe most important: How tech-savvy do I need to be to help my kid with Google Classroom?

To discover the answers to these questions and many more, you can explore the full guide here.