If you have a million feelings about motherhood, you’ll want to read this.

Photo above courtesy of Heather Abraham. Motherhood can leave even the most confident woman second-guessing herself. We want so badly to do it right that it’s easy to feel sure […]

eggshell parenting

What families need to know about ‘eggshell parenting’

Parenting isn’t easy, and ‘eggshell parenting’ happens. Learning self-regulation can help.

elimination of affirmative action

High school parents, check out this PublicSource report on changes to the college admissions process

How does the elimination of ‘affirmative action’. impact college admissions? PublicSource explores.

encouraging kids to write

Encouraging your kids to write can help them — in more ways than one. Here’s how.

This local author and parent shares advice on encouraging kids to write and why it matters.

baseline concussion testing Pittsburgh

Where families can go now for kids’ baseline concussion testing in Pittsburgh

Baseline concussion testing Pittsburgh: We’ve got the info parents need.

back to school pittsburgh

Kidsburgh on KDKA: The scoop on back-to-school

It’s back-to-school season in Pittsburgh and Kidsburgh has the resources you need to make it a great year.

getting lost in parenthood

Family Matters: Reclaiming your identity in parenthood

Getting lost in parenthood can be tough, “but the reality is that you can be found.”

back to school family

We’re prepping our kids for back-to-school. But what are we doing to prepare ourselves?

It’s back-to-school season for Pittsburgh families. Let’s take some of the pressure off.

Want your kid to fall in love with reading? These Pittsburgh authors have suggestions.

Easy ways to help kids love reading. Check out this advice.

baby feeding

Solid advice about solid foods: Details on baby feeding from Pittsburgh experts

Feeding a baby solid food? Kidsburgh has the latest guidelines and recommendations.

18 summers

‘You only have 18 summers with your kid,’ they said. But moms are singing a different tune.

The “18 summers” meme is popping up everywhere. Don’t let it add to your stress.

6 Pittsburgh cooking schools where kids can embrace their inner chef

These Pittsburgh cooking schools can teach kids a new skill this summer. Check out our list.

From miscarriage to motherhood: Standing up for your health and well-being

Advocating for your kids and for your own health is important — and it isn’t always easy.

internet safety for kids

Internet safety for kids: 6 things Pittsburgh’s FBI office wants you to know

This advice on internet safety for kids can help make this a safer summer.

summer safety for babies

Summer safety for babies and toddlers: Expert advice on heat and sun exposure

Summer safety for babies and little kids includes sunscreen, shade and staying hydrated.

LGBTQ resources

LGBTQ+ resources for Pittsburgh-area families: reading lists, youth groups and more

Whether you are a Pittsburgh LGBTQ+ family or simply want to learn more about your neighbors, there’s something here for you.

growth mindset

7 easy ways to add some growth mindset to your child’s summer

Kids can develop their growth mindset through these simple approaches.

food programs pittsburgh

These summer food programs offer free meals for Pittsburgh-area kids and families

These Pittsburgh summer food programs are an option for families who rely on school nutrition programs during the school year.

summer camp in Pittsburgh

7 questions that can make summer camp in Pittsburgh easier this year

Expert tips about prepping for the first day of summer camp in Pittsburgh.


MomsWork offers support groups, this weekend’s Mom Owned Market and much more

MomsWork is dedicated to supporting working moms. Learn more here.

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