Kidsburgh Mental Health Guide: Where parents can access community services

Fortunately, there are many good — and in many cases free — sources of mental health support in Pittsburgh. 

There’s hope for postpartum depression with new drug from Magee-Womens Hospital

“This medication has a rapid onset, with most patients reporting effects within 24 hours after completing the infusion.”

Math quiz: Could grassroots innovation + pandemic-fueled change = true transformation?

At this malleable moment, we can scale up progress for all learners.

How to help kids learn — and feel loved — during this challenging school year

The “So Now What?” webinar series wraps up with a range of great learning resources for families.

P.R.I.D.E. Program launches season 2 of ‘In My Skin’ podcast

“The podcast tells stories that are relatable from a parent perspective—as well as an educator perspective.”

Want help with family stress and anxiety? Take this mental health first-aid class.

A virtual first aid kit, the course gives users tips for identifying depression, anxiety and other mental conditions.

‘So Now What?’ webinar: How to partner with your kid’s teachers

Learning Heroes gives 5 tips on how parents can be the best partner possible in their child’s school year.

Pittsburgh mom’s essential deliveries effort leads to ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’

“Ray Nell offers something that may be even more needed during times of hardship: compassion, support without judgment and a soft landing spot.”

Black Girls Equity Alliance reports shocking biases in Allegheny County

One of the key findings is that black girls are ten times more likely than white girls to be referred to juvenile justice.

Dragon’s Den builds kids’ confidence and focus through rope course in former church

The rope course can be navigated in different ways, depending on the level of challenge that the kids choose.

Celebrate Black Girls Equity Month with Gwen’s Girls and the #seethebestinme campaign

“We believe in Black girls’ strength, resiliency and leadership skills when nurtured.”

Dr. G: How to support your kid’s mental health during back-to-school transition

Kids need to be with other kids, not just for fun, but for biological and developmental reasons.

This webinar series offers tips on how to manage back-to-school

Learn from the country’s leading experts in education and childhood development.

6 ways to support kids’ mental health right now

As the pandemic pushes kids’ lives even more online, their mental health depends on parental support — and a lot less anti-tech talk. 

From toddlers to teens: How to help your kids get a good night’s sleep

“Sleep is like a bank account — you only have so much to withdraw.”

What you should know about cyberbullying: It’s on the rise amid the pandemic.

Kids are almost always one step ahead of their parents in terms of technology.

Connecting Champions matches kids with cancer to mentors in their dream jobs

The organization asks young cancer patients: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Puppy Zoom training classes can help dog owners stuck in the house

Brownie is Hannah Murphy’s new best friend.  “I love, I literally love him,” she said of her new puppy.  “He is just like the nicest guy ever. Yea, I sleep with him […]

Pittsburgh kids fight the stigma of mental health with a powerful peer-to-peer program

Through the Stand Together Against the Stigma program, students and teachers are seeing the culture of their schools change,

Just breathe! Kids ease their anxiety as families practice mindfulness

From kindergarten kids to professional athletes, mindfulness has never been more mainstream. With good reason.

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