Snapology combines STEM learning with social skills — and it was founded by two local moms

Photo above courtesy of Snapology

Parents know it can be hard to find extracurricular activities for kids outside of sports. That’s why one local mom decided to start her own program. Thirteen years later, there are now almost 200 Snapology franchises.

Kids love building things, and at Snapology, there are so many ways to build. There are LEGOs, of course, but there are also funky-shaped wooden blocks, extra large soft blocks, spokes and wheels, and other shapes even a glow-in-the-dark room.

Nate Coe, who’s 12 and has taken many classes at Snapology, says, “You can build your own figures. You can build what you want… I want to try to build a skyscraper with blocks.”

Nate Coe has grown up playing at Snapology.

It’s all about creating, making mistakes, learning from them, and starting again. Sammy Smith is 8 and loves the many things to build at Snapology.  “Sometimes if I’m just playing around, I’ll destroy it,” he says with a laugh. “Basically just having fun.”

Laura Coe of South Fayette founded Snapology with her sister 13 years ago to offer programs for kids that incorporated academic enrichment with social skills, all while having fun.

“It was important that my son not just get those academic skills, which he was kind of naturally good with, but it was important to kind of blend them with having a good time and socializing with his friends and really getting that social interaction.”

Snapology does that through games and teamwork. The kids are proof it works. Kelen Yohe and Sammy Smith became friends through a game of tag at Snapology.

Yohe explains, “He tagged me… and then we made friends, and now we work together every day.”

One of the goals of Snapology is to allow all kids to play and have fun, regardless of their age or ability. Laura explains, “We’ve had mental health therapists and other folks involved in the design of the program to make sure that any child, regardless of what their background is or what their extreme needs may be, even gifted children, can all be in the same classroom and be successful.”

Laura also wants Snapology to give parents a break, offering after school classes, day-long summer camps and evenings when parents can drop off kids and go out.

With almost 200 locations in 13 countries, it is clear kids everywhere love building and creating not only tangible things but friendships too.

Nate says, “You can make lots of new friends. I can say I have many many friends here.”

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