Parents as Allies webinar

Parents as Allies webinar (available on YouTube) shares data that can change how you interact with your child’s school

Image above from the Parents as Allies “Hi Neighbor!” event, Dec. 2021.

If you were with us on Jan. 26, you probably came away from the Parents as Allies webinar feeling optimistic about your child’s education. If you weren’t able to join us that night, we’re happy to tell you that a recording of the webinar is now available here on YouTube.

Though this live event lasted just 45 minutes, you’ll find lots of insight into the positive impact of parents and schools partnering together and really engaging with each other.

Rebecca Winthrop, a panelist on the webinar who shared recent data gathered by her team at the Brookings Institution, has described the importance of parental engagement this way: “Family-school engagement can be incredibly powerful, as it creates relationships where people have faith that they area looking out for each other. Our research showed that schools that have strong relational trust are 10 times more likely to have really good educational outcomes. It’s an incredibly powerful tool to help children learn.”

The challenge is that schools weren’t designed to truly engage with parents. And both parents and teachers may not know where to begin. In this brief webinar moderated by KDKA TV’s Kristine Sorensen, you can learn about a new initiative to change that dynamic and see just how powerful small changes can be.

We’ve also added to our YouTube channel a recording of the Parents as Allies webinar held on Jan. 25, which was designed for educators.

Many thanks to The Brookings Institution, Allegheny Intermediate Unit, University of Pittsburgh School of Education and KDKA TV for co-hosting these webinars.

Want more information about the Parents as Allies project and the work that’s going to be happening in the coming months? You’ll find all that right here.

Parents as Allies webinar