Photo of Kidsburgh Kind Kid Aaron Fisher courtesy of his mom, Cyndi Fisher.

Meet this week’s Kidsburgh Kind Kid: Aaron Fisher

When Aaron’s Fisher’s 5th birthday was approaching last summer, he knew just what he wanted as a birthday gift.

For months, he’d been noticing trash on the streets around his community in Washington County. He’d often ask his parents if he could pick up the trash, but they’d have to explain that for safety it was better that he didn’t touch garbage people had left behind.

So “for his 5th birthday this past August, Aaron asked for ‘stuff’ to pick up trash,” his mom Cyndi Fisher told Kidsburgh.

Aaron’s parents were happy to oblige: “For his birthday,” Cyndi says, “he got a safety vest, gloves, and a trash picker-upper tool. He has already gone out several times cleaning up our neighborhood and asked if ‘we can do this every day after school.'”

Aaron has told his mom that he’s cleaning up “for the animals.” But she often sees his kindness in the ways he interacts with other people.

“Aaron is always doing kind things for others. His selflessness is something I think we can all learn from,” Cindi told us. “Really, I wish we could see the world from his lens and care about people and the world like his little heart does!

We’re so glad that Cyndi let us know about Aaron’s efforts and we’re glad to announce that he is this week’s Kidsburgh Kind Kid. To celebrate, we’ve sent Aaron a #bethekindkid t-shirt (kindly donated by our friends at Pittsburgh’s JAM Clubs).

Thank you for making your community a better place for people and animals, Aaron!

Readers, we invite you to tell us about a child who has done an act of kindness that made you smile — whether it was something big, or a small but meaningful gesture. Parents and other caring adults can use this online form to tell us about a child who has made an effort to spread kindness in our community. You’re welcome to nominate kids of any age, up through age 17.

We look forward to writing about as many of these submissions as possible and celebrating the good work of our Kidsburgh Kind Kids by sending your child a #bethekindkid t-shirt. And we’re glad to share with you the stories of previous Kidsburgh Kind Kids Laurel Liprando, Jeona Parson, Ella Boyers and Ariel Heywood.