Maker Monday

Maker Monday: Kids can build this DIY robot that draws pictures

This Maker Monday project lets kids create a toy and works of art.

#bethekindkid Kindness in Action

Kindness in Action celebrations are happening at the Children’s Museum, JCC South Hills and in local communities

Check out what’s happening with the #bethekindkid Kindness in Action campaign.

Kindness Grows Here

Your child could receive a Kindness Grows Here grant: Here’s how

Pittsburgh kids can apply for Kindness Grows Here grants through Nov. 1.


#bethekindkid Kindness in Action campaign begins this week

Your child may have a chance to #bethekindkid through this new kindness campaign.


It’s kindness season, and you can be a part of #BeKind21. Here’s how.

#BeKind21 is about inspiring as many people as possible to be kind this September.


Order now: #bethekindkid t-shirts with a blue-and-yellow heart benefit nonprofit in Ukraine

You can help families in Ukraine by ordering this new #bethekindkid T-shirt. Details here.

Kidsburgh Kind Kid

Meet this week’s Kidsburgh Kind Kid: Elwood Paracat

“It was a really nice gesture of an older middle school kid helping an elementary school kid, and I was very appreciative!”

Kidsburgh Kind Kid

Meet this week’s Kidsburgh Kind Kids: Daisy Girl Scout Troop 28016

These Kidsburgh Kind Kids from Daisy Troop 28016 rescued fresh food to help neighbors in need!

Kidsburgh Kind Kid Aaban Mahmood_photo courtesy of Hera Ahmad

Meet this week’s Kidsburgh Kind Kid: Aaban Mahmood

Kidsburgh Kind Kid Aaban Mahmood made sure shoppers at his local grocery store felt cared about — and kept the good going.

Photo of Kidsburgh Kind Kid Aaron Fisher courtesy of his mom, Cyndi Fisher.

Meet this week’s Kidsburgh Kind Kid: Aaron Fisher

Do you know a child in the Pittsburgh region who should be named a Kidsburgh Kind Kid? Tell us about them!

Photo of Kidsburgh Kind Kid Laurel Liprando courtesy of Ashley Liprando

Meet this week’s Kidsburgh Kind Kid: Laurel Liprando

Meet this week’s Kidsburgh Kind Kid, a preschooler who lends a hand to make life better for others!

Meet this week’s Kidsburgh Kind Kid: Jeona Parson

Kidsburgh Kind Kids are out making our community a better place each day. Tells us about the Kind Kid in your life!

Photo of Ella Boyers used by permission from Ella's mother Jennifer Connelly.

Meet this week’s Kidsburgh Kind Kid: Ella Boyers

Our latest Kidsburgh Kind Kid chose to make her neighborhood a more beautiful place. Here’s how.

Meet our first Kidsburgh Kind Kid: Ariel Heywood

Check the first story in our series about random acts of kindness done by local kids!

JAMbethekindkid, Inc. continues to set off chain reactions of kindness

Kindness is something that can not only benefit others whenever you do it, but also benefits yourself.

Celebrating random acts of kindness: Tell Kidsburgh about the Kind Kids in our community.

Tell us about a child you know who has done an act of kindness so we can recognize these young Pittsburghers as “Kidsburgh Kind Kids.”

After-school JAM Club promotes entrepreneurship and giving back

There are now 20 JAM Clubs across Pennsylvania and four in other states.

Kidcast: Learn how to #bethekindkid with these three steps

Kids can learn empathy by listening to a story or reading a book and learning to verbalize how the character is feeling.

6 fetch takeaways from back-to-back ‘Mean Girls’ onstage in Pittsburgh

One takes place in a Chicago public high school, the other in a boarding school in Ghana. But the issues of these female brat packs transcend time and place.

These Pittsburgh kids are e-commerce CEOs via EdCorps

“I love how the students recognize each other’s strengths and look to each other for help.”