Order now: #bethekindkid t-shirts with a blue-and-yellow heart benefit nonprofit in Ukraine

Photo above of kindergarten JAM Club members at Avonworth Primary Center.

We’ve all seen the heartbreaking scenes of children fleeing the destruction in Ukraine. Maureen Frew’s students at Avonworth Primary Center were understandably concerned about these kids, caught in the middle of a war, forced from their homes in the middle of winter, and exposed to injury hunger and cold. So they decided to make special t-shirts for sale to help kids in Ukraine. The shirts feature a heart in the Ukrainian colors of blue and yellow, and the group’s hashtag, #bethekindkid.

Photo of Ukraine-themed #bethekindkid t-shirts courtesy of JAM Club.

Frew runs the JAM #bethekindkid afterschool program for grades K-6, which already makes items and sells them to benefit causes and charities of their choice. So it wasn’t difficult to shift to making a t-shirt to benefit Ukraine.

“While we will continue to make items each Wednesday,” says Frew. “My supplier and JAM will be donating 100% of the profits to Save the Children – Ukraine.”

These special #bethekindkid T-shirts are $12 and long-sleeve shirts are $14.

Kindergarten JAM Club members at Avonworth.

JAM was established when two students approached their teacher Frew in April of 2016 requesting to start an after-school “making” club. The’ve also begun helping other schools set up similar programs, including Avalon Elementary School, Duquesne City School and New Castle Junior High School.

“In essence,” Frew ways, “this is #kidshelpingkids — no better way to grow up.” 

Want to learn more about this new #bethekindkid project? Check out Kristine Sorenson’s report on KDKA about this effort.

And click here for resources to help in talking with kids about the war in Ukraine.