Photo of Kidsburgh Kind Kid Laurel Liprando courtesy of Ashley Liprando

Meet this week’s Kidsburgh Kind Kid: Laurel Liprando

Photo above used by permission from Ashley Liprando.

Laurel Liprando is only 3 years old. But she’s tall for her age — the same height as some older kids — and that often makes her feel like she’s one of the big kids. As young as she is, Laurel cares about looking out for the kids she thinks of as “younger.” Recently, this inspired Laurel to step up as a Kidsburgh Kind Kid.

At the park, “she’s always eager to play with the older children,” her mother, Ashley Liprando, tells Kidsburgh. One day at the park, “she saw a little girl who was new to walking and walked over to help her navigate the playground.”

Echoing the kind behavior of caring parents and teachers, “she held her hand and pointed out to her different aspects of the park,” says Ashley.

“This act of kindness made me proud that she wanted to help a younger child explore, instead of thinking about all she wanted to do and play with.”

We’re glad to announce that Laurel is this week’s Kidsburgh Kind Kid, and we’ve sent her a #bethekindkid t-shirt (kindly donated by our friends at Pittsburgh’s JAM Clubs!) to celebrate. Thank you for spreading kindness in the Pittsburgh community, Laurel!

Readers, we invite you to tell us about a child who has done an act of kindness that made you smile — whether it was something big, or a small but meaningful gesture. Parents and other caring adults can use this online form to tell us about a child who has made an effort to spread kindness in our community. You’re welcome to nominate kids of any age, up through age 17.

We look forward to writing about as many of these submissions as possible and celebrating the good work of our Kidsburgh Kind Kids by sending your child a #bethekindkid t-shirt.