Kidsburgh Kind Kid Aaban Mahmood_photo courtesy of Hera Ahmad

Meet this week’s Kidsburgh Kind Kid: Aaban Mahmood

Photo of Kidsburgh Kind Kid Aaban Mahmood (and his lovely note) courtesy of Hera Ahmad.

It was a simple gesture, but we can imagine how good it made people feel: Aaban Mahmood, who is only 6 years old, decided to take the quarters he’d saved and use them to unlock a group of shopping carts at the grocery store near his home in Coraopolis.

He told his mother that he wanted people to be able to use the carts for free. His hope? That along with feeling glad that someone had given them something, they’d also pass along the kindness to someone else, and the good would keep on going.

To make sure his message was clear, Aaban attached little notes to each cart that read: “Kindness is free. Let’s pass it along.”

Quietly, he stood nearby and smiled at each of the shoppers who received his gift. It was a total Kidsburgh Kind Kid moment.

“Being his mom, I am so proud of him because it was his unique idea, and he did actually help people,” Hera Ahmad told Kidsburgh. “Everyone around was so happy to see this little guy helping people.”

Aaban was dedicated: He stayed at the grocery store for nearly two hours, watching how people passed the free carts along to one another, rather than taking the quarters out and keeping them. He also watched as people read his note and smiled.

We’re really happy to share Aaban’s kindness with you and announce that he is this week’s Kidsburgh Kind Kid. To celebrate, we’ve sent Aaban a #bethekindkid t-shirt (kindly donated by our friends at Pittsburgh’s JAM Clubs). Thank you for making your community a better place for people and animals, Aaban!

Readers, we invite you to tell us about a child who has done an act of kindness that made you smile — whether it was something big, or a small but meaningful gesture. Parents and other caring adults can use this online form to tell us about a child who has made an effort to spread kindness in our community. You’re welcome to nominate kids of any age, up through age 17.

We look forward to writing about as many of these submissions as possible and celebrating the good work of our Kidsburgh Kind Kids by sending your child a #bethekindkid t-shirt. And we’re glad to share with you the stories of previous Kidsburgh Kind Kids Laurel LiprandoJeona Parson, Aaron Fisher, Ella Boyers and Ariel Heywood.