How a kid-friendly, playful home can teach your kids a thing or two

Many parents face challenges bigger than having a “playful” home. Yet, a lot can be done even in small spaces.

Look to Fred Rogers for help on talking to kids about death, addiction, cancer — and even a pandemic

How to talk to your kids about big issues? “Everything Fred did was built on the idea that we can make what is mentionable, manageable.”

‘You are special and you are loved’: A letter to kids from Saleem Ghubril of Pittsburgh Promise

“If we as a community have failed some of you, we have failed. I hold to the view that all kids are our kids.”

Personal essay: Fox Chapel senior Will Generett on racism and being Black

“We don’t teach white kids to talk about race at an early age. They have no clue how to approach it.

This Pittsburgh-created app acts as your medical memory after a doctor’s visit

The app provides peace of mind to be able to go back and check what was said.

Sponsored Content Parenting through a pandemic? This free webinar series will help.

Learn how you can get into a healthy headspace and keep your family safe, cared for and happy.

Summer plans falling apart? Dr. G says it’s time to get creative

“Ask your kids to become your program directors.”

Here’s the secret to happy, successful kids. Pittsburgh experts weigh in.

The ability to manage emotions is the building block for all other aspects of life and it’s a learned skill.

Anchorpoint fundraiser featured Pittsburgh personalities to help families meet pandemic counseling costs. It was a big success.

“Oftentimes cost is a major barrier to mental health services.”

Giving birth during a pandemic. Look at the bright side.

Rely on your partner, revel in the miracle that you just brought into the world and enjoy the time you have as a family.

Meet the teddy bear (and silly wardrobe) that brings smiles to the neighborhood

“If I hear laughter, it’s music to my ears.”

Here’s where your family can find help in Pittsburgh during the coronavirus pandemic

Lots of people are hurting. Lots of people need help. But it’s often hard to know just where to turn.

Overwhelmed? 6 ways parents can get relief from coronavirus anxiety 

“We have people around us who depend on us. There are many more demands than we normally face, and that can be stressful.”

How to be resilient during times that try your family’s mental health

Have you found yourself pushed to your limit, losing patience?  Or do you find your kids are acting in ways they don’t normally behave?

Take a fascinating tour of the teenage brain with Pittsburgh researcher Dr. Beatriz Luna

“Adolescence is not a disease. It’s an amazing time of life that we have to understand so we can make it the best possible,”

Are your kids anxious about coronavirus? Dr. G is here to help

The health crisis can be frightening for kids when schoolyard chatter raises all sorts of misinformation.

Kidsburgh launches new series with its Mental Health Survey report

We set a goal this year to raise awareness of mental health issues.

These Pittsburgh kids bring fresh perspectives on solutions to violence

Many of the participants shared first-hand experiences of the loss of a loved one or the fear they carry with them.

Here’s how Pittsburgh kids spread joy and connections during coronavirus quarantine

No one is better at finding the joy in new situations than children.

Where to get help in Pittsburgh as we adjust to life with coronavirus

“It can be tempting to get glued to the news, but that may only increase anxiety.”

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