Sue Klebold, mom of a Columbine shooter, shares what she’s learned about the unimaginable

“I’ve tried to take whatever happened and make it my own life’s mission.”

Pittsburgh schools hoping to reduce student stress and anxiety with lessons in mindfulness

“The counselors really make you feel homey and welcome when you’re having a bad day.”

For Pittsburgh kids with special needs, equine therapy is more than horseplay: It’s life-changing. 

“This is where they grow and make friends.”

What’s new in Pittsburgh school districts this year? Check it out here.

New programming, new initiatives and brand spanking new buildings add up to an exciting school year.

Pittsburgh teens and their mental health are the main focus of new JHF grants

“Maybe the best thing we can do is to activate neighborhoods to develop their own safety nets”

9th annual Mental Health Conference offers a one-stop resource for Pittsburgh parents

In one day, families can access more information and assistance at the free conference than they could by spending weeks online or making phone calls,

YourMomCares donates $500,000 to Children’s Hospital to develop mental health app for kids

Like a Duolingo lesson for mental health, games and activities on the app will be adjustable depending on needs and developmental levels.

Social media, body image and how art therapy helps kids with eating disorders

A study at The University of Pittsburgh found that participants who most frequently checked social media throughout the day had 2.6 times the risk of reporting eating and body image […]


The message from Parkland to Pittsburgh? Kids can make a difference!

“We want to spread the message of hope and unity and overcoming tragedy because it’s so hard to do it alone.”

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