Here’s how Pittsburgh kids spread joy and connections during coronavirus quarantine

Photo: Annalise, 7, and Carys Mehlo, 3, of Bellevue paint rainbows on their windows overlooking the Ohio River Valley. Mother Alisa notes that it is not window paint, but they can scrape it off later. “It’s complete anarchy around here.”

By Meg St-Esprit

A Public Source story 

Iconic Pittsburgher Fred Rogers encouraged people to “look for the helpers” in scary situations. As Pittsburgh, along with the rest of the world, pauses to practice social distancing to halt the spread of the novel coronavirus, kids across the metro region find themselves out of school. Playgrounds are surrounded in caution tape; libraries and museums are closed; and play dates are strongly discouraged.

Who, then, are the helpers? Obviously, there are our first responders, our medical workers and our other essential workers.

Kids, though, are helping in their unique way. No one is better at finding the joy in new situations than children, and Pittsburgh’s kids are banding together to show their love for each other. In my own Bellevue community, kids are hanging art in their windows so that families on solitary walks can feel connected to one another.

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