15 more hands-on activities for kids in Pittsburgh

Make butter in a jar, hum a kazoo or microwave marshmallow play dough.

20 hands-on activities to keep kids busy

Most supplies can be found on your pantry, recycle box or craft bin.

Maker Monday: Snowstorm Magic

Elsa is not the only one who can make a snowstorm!

Maker Monday: 3 DIY birdfeeders

It’s a great time to consider feeding birds who stay with us all winter long.

Maker Monday: Creepy Climbing Creatures

This is a cool STEAM project as kids consider the engineering mechanics of how to put them together.

Maker Monday: Balloon-Powered Racers

This STEM activity is a simple way to illustrate Newton’s Third Law of Motion: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Maker Monday: 3 Playful Painting Projects

Sometimes the method is as creative as the finished product.

Maker Monday: Cardboard Tube Houses

Homes with maker kids are guaranteed to have a bin filled with cardboard tubes from paper towels and toilet paper rolls. You never know when you need them!

Maker Monday: 3 favorite fall projects

The autumn season of harvest, Halloween and pumpkins gives us lots of opportunities for creative fun.

Maker Monday: Clothespin Puppets

It’s a blast to set kids up with an idea and supplies and let them loose to create!

Maker Monday: Backyard Noodle Fishing

Rain or shine, this STEAM project will offer hours of fun in hands-on creating and followup playtime.

Maker Monday: Blooming Water Lilies

Place them in a shallow bowl of water and watch them open right before your eyes.

Maker Monday: Forky Knifey Family

Like many fans who saw “Toy Story 4,” we rushed home and tore through our maker bins to find supplies needed to recreate Forky and Knifey.

Maker Monday: Coffee Filter Ballerinas

Maker Monday veers toward the cultural scene with graceful dancers made from the simplest supplies.

Maker Monday: Super Spinner

This inexpensive activity, made with supplies found in most households, packs a wow factor.

Maker Monday: Shoebox Shadow Puppets

We found everything we needed in the kitchen and cardboard recycling bin.

Maker Monday: Bouncing Bubbles

Kids love bouncing bubbles on their hands like slow-motion jugglers!

maker monday

Maker Monday: Monogram Splatter Art

This is a cool project for a range of ages, with smaller kids needing just a bit more guidance.

bunny house

Maker Monday: Decorated Bunny House

Surrounded by so much Easter candy, we found a better use of all those empty calories.

maker monday

Maker Monday: Ice Cream in a Bag

Ice cream made by hand just tastes better!