MomsWork offers support groups, this weekend’s Mom Owned Market and much more

Story by Abby Kreckel, Community Engagement Manager at MomsWork. Photo above by Vonecia Carswell via Unsplash

Being a mom is hard. Every mom works in some way — whether it’s for pay or not, whether you get up early for daycare drop-off and take pumping breaks all day, or stay up late freelancing after bedtime. In Pittsburgh, MomsWork is dedicated entirely to supporting working moms.


If you’re a mom, when was the last time you had someone watch your kids so you could enjoy some shopping — not just for groceries, but for yourself? This weekend, join MomsWork for the Mom Owned Market, happening Sunday, June 4, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at our office in Squirrel Hill.

All the vendors are local businesses run by moms. Support local businesses while treating yourself. We have over two dozen businesses featured, from retailers, to food providers, to service providers. So there’s sure to be something for everyone.

As June 4th is also Pride Weekend, the Market features many queer mom-owned businesses, and many Black-owned businesses, as well. Come support your local community and some of the bravest moms out there, who put everything on the line to follow their dreams and become their own bosses.


You can also learn more about MomsWork. Have you found yourself wondering what happened to the proverbial village you were promised? Does the combination of work and motherhood often feel overwhelming or exhausting? MomsWork hosts a working moms support group to bring together moms from all walks of life. Whether you work in retail, freelance, run your own business, or hold a top-level executive position, this group — open to moms with kids of all ages — is for you.

Led by licensed therapist Cortney Seltman, these support group sessions provide a safe space for healing, making friends, and embracing your authentic self. The next two support group meetings will take place on June 15 and Aug. 17 at 7 p.m., and of course we offer free, fun babysitting. We can’t wait to welcome you under the warm glow of fairy lights and the smell of freshly baked cookies.

If attending in-person events isn’t possible for you right now, or if the kids bring home the latest illness from school (let’s face it, we’re called MomsWork, we get it), you don’t have to wait to connect with us. Perhaps the change of seasons has inspired you to look for a career change. MomsWork runs a private LinkedIn group where local moms post positions on their teams, along with the down-low on what it’s really like to work there. With a direct share comes an inside connection to help you get a leg up.


We’ve also launched a podcast under the greater NCJW umbrella called Bridges to Equity. We morphed our pandemic-era virtual workshops into an on-demand format, with the goal of allowing everybody to join the current progressive conversations happening in Pittsburgh. We have three episodes up now, and they’re designed to be a quick listen, whether on your commute, or listening through an AirPod while you’re sitting with your child as they nod off to sleep.

Want to dig deeper into MomsWork? We regularly offer advocacy opportunities. Advocacy can be an intimidating word, but it’s just sharing your experience with those who are in power and clueless to what your real-world needs are. Our favorite white board-wielding congresswoman, Katie Porter, recently observed that there are more congresspeople named John than there are moms in congress with young kids, even though we outnumber Johns 17 to 1. All those Johns, and Pauls, and Steves need to hear your stories about sitting on a waitlist for a spot in childcare, stressing over the high cost of summer camp, or being unable to find a spot in an aftercare program.

MomsWork regularly connects moms to legislators and media to find empowerment in crafting and sharing your story. It takes as little as 10 people to change a state legislator’s mind on an issue. Right now we’re watching active movements in Pennsylvania to pass paid family leave, fund afterschool programs, and increase pay for early childhood professionals to put a band-aid on the staffing crisis. Please follow our social media and sign up for our mailing list to stay connected for action items!

MomsWork is an organization dedicated to making it easier to be a mom in Pittsburgh. We hope to see you this summer!