teens and social media

When teens and social media collide, what happens to mental health? Find out on this episode of ‘From the Source’

Photo courtesy of PublicSource.

Social media can help us find community, share art, music, events, advice, recipes and more. But as it brings some of us closer together, it also deepens a divide across age groups, says host Jourdan Hicks in the latest episode of PublicSource‘s podcast series, “From the Source.”

This week, Hicks sits down with Amaya Dorman, a 17-year-old student at Allderdice High School, to talk about the many ways social media is a powerful force in the lives of Pittsburgh teens.

“Amaya’s here to help us translate how the consumption of lifestyle content and entertainment on social media is linked to what teens believe about themselves and what they show externally, and what they’re thinking about internally,” Hicks says.

Teens, Dorman says, are beginning the process of choosing who they want to be as people and what they want to do with their lives. Friends and family play a role in impacting those decisions. But without a doubt, so does social media.

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