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What local teens really think about mental health: Hear ‘From the Source’ episode 2 right here

Earlier this month, the new season of PublicSource‘s “From the Source” podcast kicked off with two local high school freshmen, Deahmi Mobley and Jaia Harrison, sharing their ideas to make Pittsburgh a safer and healthier place for all. You can catch that right here.

This week, host Jourdan Hicks is back with a new episode, this time diving deep into the subject of teen mental health. The episode features local high school freshman Cayah Leavy, who shares her experiences with mental health, balancing the stressors of her teenage life and her advice to adults who want to connect with teens.

As Hicks says in her introduction, this episode is for parents and teens alike: “If you’ve been 14 before, listen to this episode and think about what you remember about your emotional world back then and what you wish you would have known,” she says. “If you’re 14 years old now or a few years younger, think of your own mental health questions and what you need to learn more about.”

Episode two is titled “A freshman’s take on teen mental health 101, and spoiler, it’s not constant positivity.” Listen to it right here:


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