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PublicSource: This Pittsburgh preteen is proud of her police officer dad, and has ideas for better policing

Image above courtesy of PublicSource.

In the latest episode of PublicSource’s podcast series “From the Source,” local eighth-grader Ambyr Clay talks with host Jourdan Hicks about her experiences as a preteen coming of age in an era when protests against police misconduct are in the news and on social media.

Ambyr, who is proud of her father for his work as a police officer, shares her observations on what her peers think about policing and the opportunity she sees for teens and police to have relationships that are beneficial to the community.

“Having a police officer as a dad makes me happy and proud, but sometimes I have some fears,” Ambyr says during this season’s seventh podcast episode. “I sometimes fear that one day something will happen to him. I won’t see him again. It makes me happy that he is protecting others, but I wonder who protects him when he is protecting others.”

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