Maker Monday

Maker Monday: Let’s try crocheting

Kidsburgh is back with another fun and easy “Let’s Try” Maker Monday project, courtesy of our creative friends at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. We’re glad to kick off the week by bringing you another free maker activity that your kids can do any time with items you likely have around the house.

This week’s project will teach your kids to crochet with just their fingers. And it requires just a single item — a strand of yarn. With practice, kids can make things like coasters, pot holders, scarves and even little rugs just by crocheting with their fingers. No other tools needed!

A note to kid makers: Please work with a parent or caregiver on every project. And though this project doesn’t involve tools, always be very careful when using tools of any kind. 

Maker Monday materials you’ll need:

  • yarn


  • Make a slip knot at one end of your yarn (see video below).
  • Put your finger through the loop that your slip knot created.
  • Pull some yarn through the loop. You just made a “chain stitch.”
  • Move your finger into this new loop and pull some more yarn through.
  • Keep going with this process until you reach the desired width of your project.
  • Keeping your finger in the first loop, move into the next “chain.”
  • Now pull some yarn through those two loops (see video) and onto the same finger. You now have one loop on your finger.
  • Move down to the next “chain” and keep repeating this process until you get to the end.
  • You’ve just made a “foundation chain.”
  • Next, create one “chain stitch” before you “turn” in the other direction. You just made a “turning chain.” (You’ll need to add a turning chain at the end of each line of crochet to “turn” and stitch in the other direction.
  • Now, stick your finger under the first chain you made. Then pull some yarn through and onto your finger. You now have two loops on your finger.
  • Pull some yarn through both those loops and onto your finger.
  • You just made a “single crochet”! Continue making single crochets until you reach the end. (Don’t forget to add a turning chain.)
  • Now continue making single crochets until your project is complete.

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