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Maker Monday: Kids can make a no-sew pillow celebrating their favorite sports team

This week’s Maker Monday project celebrates the sports world with “no-sew” fan pillows made from T-shirts. Diehard fans usually have at least one old t-shirt around the house that they no longer wear. This project is a way of upcycling a family’s sports memories.

You can choose from a kid’s personal sports history (old soccer or t-ball shirts will do, as long as it’s not too tiny) or go with a favorite college or professional team.

As with all Maker Monday projects, kids can make this with items you may have around the house or can pick up for just a few dollars (if you don’t have any team t-shirts around the house, they’re often available at Goodwill or other thift stores).

Just follow the step-by-step instructions below. A note to kid makers: Please work with a parent or caregiver on this Maker Monday project. And always be careful when using tools of any kind, including scissors.

maker monday

Maker Monday materials:

  • a t-shirt
  • a pillow insert or old throw pillow smaller than your t-shirt (pillow inserts are available online or at a craft store, or use an old pillow you no longer need)
  • a ruler
  • straight pins
  • scissors
  • a pen

Maker Monday instructions:

maker monday

Step 1: Cut off the sleeves of a t-shirt, then lay the t-shirt on a flat surface and smooth it out.

Step 2: Place the pillow insert on the t-shirt and measure it, then pin the outline of the pillow onto the t-shirt, being sure to pin both layers of the shirt.

Step 3: Measure 2 and 1/2 inches out from the pin outline and mark that line with the pen. Use the ruler to connect your marks on all four sides. Then cut along the pen line so that you have a big square made from the front and back of the shirt.

maker monday

Step 4: Cut into the edge of the shirt up to the pin line, making the cuts about an inch apart, all the way around. (See below.) Then unpin along the bottom of the t-shirt and slide the pillow insert inside.

maker monday

Step 5: Working along the bottom of the shirt, securely tie each front piece and back piece of the fringe to each other with a double knot. Continue on each of the other three sides, removing the pins and tying the front and back fringes together along each side.

maker monday

And there you have your beautiful sports fan pillow!

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