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Maker Monday: Gravity Maze

Create a Gravity Maze with this Maker Monday project. Kids have fun watching the rolling marble move from level to level, all the way to the bottom of the maze they designed.

Construction is simple and the supplies are basic. But with markers or crayons, the maze can be embellished with drawings to give it a really spectacular look.

Try making one, and then encourage kids to experiment with additional mazes. What happens, for example, when a level is too steep — or too flat? How does rolling two marbles — or more — change the speed?

This idea comes from a Remake Learning session at Avonworth Primary Center.

A note to kid makers: Work with a parent or caregiver on this Maker Monday project. And with any project, always be very careful and get adult input when using tools of any kind.

Maker Monday materials you’ll need:

  • an empty cardboard shoebox
  • jumbo craft sticks (big popsicle sticks)
  • glue gun
  • marbles
  • markers or crayons

Step 1: Set your shoebox upright, then cut a hole in the back top corner of the box. (Many athletic shoes come in boxes that already have a hole in this spot, saving you this step.)

Maker Monday

Step 2: With the glue gun, squeeze hot glue along the edge of a craft stick.

Maker Monday

Step 3: Glue the craft stick in the box, beginning in the corner where the hole is located. Give the craft stick a slightly downward direction in the box. Then, add the next craft stick on the opposite side where the marble will drop as it travels through the maze. Continue adding sticks until you reach the bottom of the box.

Step 4: Allow the glue to cool and dry. Then use markers or crayons to decorate the inside of your box.

Now you’re ready for action! Stand the box upright and drop a marble in the hole. Then, watch it make its way down the maze.

Maker Monday

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