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Sledding in North Park. Photograph by Kate Buckley.
Sledding in North Park. Photograph by Kate Buckley. | Hide Photo


Outside the classroom but still learning

Some of Pittsburgh's top spots for combining fun and learning are outside the classroom, but in some great, creative spaces.

Kids bring home inspiration from across the world

Traveling to Nepal and Sri Lanka to see local nonprofits in action, Pittsburgh high-school kids were inspired to create Feed It Forward to teach younger kids about healthy eating and healthy environments.

When the grandkids do more than sleep over

Grandchildren being raised by grandparents -- that's no longer so rare. Finding help can be tough, because it has its special issues. But it also has special rewards.

25 reasons to raise kids in Pittsburgh

From free stuff in fantastic neighborhoods to fun outdoors and in, we've got a long list of why Pittsburgh is the greatest place to raise kids. And who knows, they just might learn seven ways to spell "pierogi."

Helping men to be better dads, with great results

Kids are most vulnerable when their parents are in trouble or don't know where to turn for parenting advice. The FATHERS Collaborative Council focuses on fathers who could use assistance the most. See how their kids are benefiting.

From SkyZone to the Carrie Furnace, fun places for kids in the Burgh

Imagine a sea of trampolines interconnected to form one massive launch pad inside a large former industrial warehouse. We've got that and more in this roundup of fun things for kids, including snowtubes, bowling balls and trolley rides. It looks like it's going to be a very active cold weather season.

When the kids are in charge

Why would young people without kids start a school? And how are they going to run it when lessons and activities will be decided by vote – and by the kids themselves?

Thinking of the city as your campus

The best way to learn is by doing. So when the seniors of Winchester Thurston got a class assignment to do something that benefits a community, they got to work. The result? Some cool projects, sure. But It turns out the biggest impact was on the students.

Noticing the extraordinary in the ordinary: a tale of one classroom

What matters in teaching? How do kids really learn? In searching for answers, an investigator discovered one Pittsburgh teacher whose methods may provide the answers – and she didn't even know it. 

When play meant being free to experiment

Junk playgrounds, play sculptures and play landscapes: Play was very different in the mid-20th century. The Carnegie Museum of Art's "Playground Project" exhibit shows its experimental, carefree and, yes, dangerous side, once upon a time and asks, are we doing the best for our children now?

Lights! Color! Collaborate! Great schools by design

First we shape the building and then the building shapes us. School design matters. Just ask these Pittsburgh architects and designers of K-12 education from the ground up.

Pittsburgh's hot places for cool kids

Heat wave coming? Check out these six Pittsburgh activities to help kids stay busy and happy in the hot summer months and beyond. 
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